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What is your educational philosophy?

Don't just accept the world as it is given to you! Think, Reconsider, Restructure! 

Teach as you wish to be taught.
Everyone learns at a different pace.

My philosophy is try being your student. It's not so easy to learn a new language, but never underestimate them! They'll progress faster than you could have ever imagined! And have fun! If I'm not having fun, my student won't have fun! 

I like to cover all the key topics of well written textbooks and keep students engaged and interested in the material. I like some group and hands-on projects but mostly I like to lecture and take questions from the class. I think the time I spend in class is best spent by going over the material and adding value that way. I like to bring in outside material. I'll give you an example. In my AIS course we talk about accounting system fraud. We study a local case of embezzlement - a situation where a bookkeeper stole millions of dollars from a small business. Because it is local and because it is a sensational case, the students really dig into it. And it reinforces the topics of my lectures and the readings from the basic textbook. 

A good teaching of applied econometrics needs in my view three approaches: 1) teach methodology useful to answer real questions, what requires to know several approaches and to learn to choose the adequate methodology in this regard. 2) Teach students to analyze data of real variables and to ask questions about the causes of their evolution and international comparisons. 3) To estimate econometric models and select among them in order to find explanations about the causes and impacts of economic variables. 

You can be whatever you want to be, you can do whatever you want to do. You only need to decide and learn! 

all pupils have the ability to achieve and be a success 

I suppose my philosophy is one of support and nurture, I like to give plenty of 1-2-1 attention to my students and give them a good grounding as well as nurturing confidence in the skills that they already have. 

"I don't know" is a good answer but "I don't know; let's find out" is a better answer. 

There are not stupid questions, just stupid answers:) 

Motivation. Getting the student to feel motivated and always aware of their improvements in the subject. 

To serve my system. 

Never short change the gift of transferring learning. 

I think all teachers must love what they do!! Love their mission to prepare young kids to a better future! 

Learn to activity, and make a our actions and investigate, discussion and proposition for each pupil, learn to new tools and to new deals in the world is a a way for a future¡¡¡ 

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