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What is your educational philosophy?

pupils should be creative in his first srage 


My educational philosophy is simply learn all you can in whatever you are interested in. Learning helps us to grow and mature physically as well as mentally. 

Use concepts rather than simply learning or memorizing them. Classroom discussion. 

Education, particularly in the sciences, is fundamental to alleviating physical pain and hardship of life-imposed disease and natural physical challenges.
Those persons trained in the sciences have a moral obligation to subsequently educate their fellow human beings, within and outside the standard academic system.

Studying is the road to enlightenment and happiness 

In teaching, motivation, engagement, and inspiration are (nearly) everything! For today's 21st Century students, the greatest goal of learning has to be how to learn! 

To always keep expanding your mind; attend intensives/workshops; partake in other teahers classes, and never think you cannot learn anymore. 

Teach the what (content)
teach the why (moral or practical)
teach the how (self-control).

That everyone has something to offer and to learn (me included); and that education should be active, memorable and fun 

Present high expectations, encourage students to explore, differentiate instruction to meet the needs of each individual in the classroom, and be enthusiastic about the material you are presenting. Provide structure for students, establish rules as a classroom, get students involved in their own education. Explain why material is important and how it directly relates to your students.

Love what you do, and never stop learning.

Socrates and St. Germain, S. Clements and Tolle, Out under a tree, or on a tropical island; not isolation, but innovation. 

Make your class a looked for event by the students. 

An ex student once said, 'I'm not here to learn, I'm here to astound and amaze!" I believe we should work towards empowering students to believe they can in fact astound and amaze us with their insights, understandings and discoveries. Our goal is to lead them in the direction of becoming independent, self directed learners. 

it is needful for everybody always participate in economic life 

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