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What role have the figures of art dealer, gallery owners, representatives, and intermediaries in general played in your career?

An example:
'I was invited to participate in a group exhibition by an art gallery in Delhi. The curator of the group show came to my studio to see the 'Last Agression - 1994'- a drawing. He approved the work. The work was printed in the catalogue. In the morning of the day of the inauguration, 'The Last Agression-1994' was displayed in the gallery. Before the inauguration, the work was sent back to my studio'.
Now the work is accepted and sought after.

An important one indeed.Without them it would be very difficulte to concentrate on what really is my job, so to say.We all need them. 

Not much. I'm got here on my own. But always open. 

i don't have one 

I have been fortunate that big galleries have given me one-man exhibitons over the years, and acted as patrons in respect to my work.
But, I've been quite lucky selling work on my own to individuals who felt they were buying into an investment that would realize profit in the future.
On the other hand, a gallery dealer or two shocked with me on occasion, by virtue of their lack of knowledge about art (and the players) in general.
They may as well have been selling shoes, in my estimation.
Eighty percent of my experience has been a positive nurturing one with galleries and their owners.

Since I work professionally as a full time animation designer I don't do the gallery scene. In my 20's I did show in a few galleries. I never had an agent but have had a few very helpful gallery owners. These are the folks getting our work out to the public. At least they were before the internet. 

doing the work I do not like, and am not good at, for me 

The gallery and the dealer play a very important role in my career and I like to know that the dealer is doing his best to showcase my work. It is nice to know that people are looking, keeping an eye on your progress and giving feedback. My feeling is if you have a dealer or someone who will showcase your work in a gallery or whatever it is time to get working. I feel it is important that I work exclusively for that dealer for as long as I can. I stop looking for other ways of making money and doing commissions. It is important to get out of those mainstream ideas and focus on what it is you find most valid in your art. The dealer has a huge responsability to sell known artists work and to promote contemporary work. In time there will develop a larger clientle for your work as it is shown in the gallery and abroad. Once you have a dealer, you do your job, the dealer will do his. 

none so far. 

My job is to create. Their job is to publicize and sell my creations. they basically make what i do into business. 

i do promote my own works on my own. I do plan art events for artists, however networking helped me getting through many places. 

Oddly very little, because so much of my artwork has been sold directly from me to the collector or I have used the internet or film festivals as a springboard to show my work. It's important for the artist to remember that they are their greatest commodity and not let others exploit that or divert them too far from their vision. But I have learned some compromise is always required. 

most of them do not know the real value of an art peace, but they r exposer, they r stadium for us, they help us to go further in our career, 

not much.... there is still a lot of struggle ... to be done 

There is a hypothetical role for these people in the life of any artist. They may provide artistic insight, patronage, and administrative work; introduce and promote the artist to the media, the critics and generate revenue. They may also fine tune the minute daily details as well as the strategic vision of the artist and strive to introduce a comprehensive outlook about the artist's body of work, mindset, and where he stands on the map of local or international art.

Personally, I was not very lucky in obtaining the services of these people; perhaps because the really qualified ones are few, at least locally. I hope that I might one day find someone to play such a professional role in my life.

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