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How would you define your style?

I like colour, texture and fresh herbs. Although I am not a vegetarian I enjoy vegetables. And I love to bake! 

Gutsy. The first duty of food is to taste good. 

I don't think that I really have a style yet, but I do like to experiment with new things alot..I might look up recipes on the internet and the I tweak them to find the right taste for me. 

I am trying to use all natural ingredients, as local as possible, capturing the true flavour characteristics of each ingredient. Italian cuisine is the biggest influence, followed by middle eastern. I often go to French cookbooks for guidance and I don't neglect the Anglo-American factor (where I live - where I was born and raised, respectively). The only cuisines I really stay away from professionally are those of the far east. I love those flavours personally, but I don't want to stretch that far away from my core cooking passions. 

Rustic and real. I love to see what I can make out of the local harvest. While I adore herbs and spices, I'm not into overly complex cooking or haute cuisine. 

I'm lazy. Is that a style?

What I try to do is weave together, in the simplest way, a balanced diet that takes into account...
what's in season in our region,
what's available organically,
what we like,
what we've been eating too little or too much of lately,
what leftovers we have on hand,
and what I want my child to learn.

Preferably in just a few minutes a meal. I'm not a perfectionist sculpting art from food, and I'm no professional chef; I'm an Everymom trying to get it done and get to bed satisfied that our family will eat well the next day.

Local, preferable biological 

My cooking style is quick and easy as well as trying to use as many fresh foods as possible. 

I would define my style as fresh-market fine dining, with a strong focus on local and seasonal produce. There is a definite French, Italian and Asian influence in my cooking and I have a great love of charcuterie! 

Asian cooking with a twist 

Competent home cook who wants to improve. 

Seasonal, global....Modern American 

I don't have what you would call a style, I like to cook different styles so I guess my style is all my own. One day we might have Thai and the next South African. I cook on a whim. Right now I am experimenting with Spanish dishes as that is where we live now. 

Passionate, simplistic style. 

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