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How important have PR and social media been for you?

Essential in building a brand 

NOT very important, to say the least... 

Very important! 

It's my business! 

Social media are the driving forces behind a 21st century business, in my opinion. My own company developed out of my engagement with an online sewing community (www.BurdaStyle.com), among several other influences. I have been marketing my company via blogs and twitter and, lately, squidoo as well. 

Social Media is where it is at right now. Facebook has become a dominate force that is pretty much beating out the giant we all know as "Google".

A global presence with a push of a button is hard to ignore ;)

Mixed bag, as an early adopter of social media I was keen at the outset, but have withdrawn from activities because effort required was detracting and distracting from core business, especially as I am a sole Trader at the moment!
That said, I have picked up several job opportunities from Twitter...

Massively important.
In term of exposure in the first week – enormous. We’re pretty impressed with the analytics.
Social media makes sense to our clientele. Not only our customers but I find massive benefits in networking with other business operators. It’s a huge wave and I’m riding it.
I could just go on and on about the benefits of social media networking, it just works.
The best part about it is its fun! I, like most people, enjoy participating and getting involved.
Again, I feel like the cat that got the cream.
*cheeky smirk*

Social Media has been important to our company because we don't have an advertising budget at all. We do as much FREE stuff as we can to save money. 

Very important. Just like a sword - if you are a skillful swordsman, it'll be a powerful weapon. If you are a lousy one [like me hahahaha....] it'll endanger your life.

Social Media is like an amplifier of who you are. If you are a good person - it will be amplified. And the other way around.

Very important. As my business is web based, this is even more of an important factor. 

Without it I would not have been able to achieve any of my projects. 

I simply couldn’t do without it. I obviously believe in PR, it is my line of work. And I recognise the power of social medias and how important they are to every business nowadays, and I try to make the most of it. 

Impressively important - I believe in the concept Recognition 

Very important, when I first started out with Droam the only channel I used was Twitter. Now that we are professionalizing the company, our social media strategy is an integral part of our PR. 

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