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Are these times of crisis good for beginning a business?

You can't better time than now. I know that there are more people got laid off because of the current economy crisis. If you are one of them, why don't you take this time and start something that belong to you? Besides, you can make extra income with your own online business. You will be more financially secure. 

I don't have an answer except pray and let God lead you to the answer He has for you. 

media messages mucking mayhem 

Excellent. Low interest rates. Lots of money chasing too few deals. Best long-term businesses were started in the depression and right after World War II. To be successful you have to control your own destiny. When you work for someone else, you are giving away that right.


Anytime is a good time to start a busines no matter the external influences. 

I think it can be, but you have to do your homework first. Find a niche, research it, and when you've done that, research it again before you make that leap. 

For the Entreprenuer I say GO FOR IT! 

The best time! I have more companies in pre-launch then ever! If I had the "right" investor I would be launching about 5 companies within 30 days. All the companies are winner with models that are proven and work. 

Have to be cautious. 

I keep repeating to my bank and potential investors that this is the best time to invest in this field, so that when the market can again be ready to be the number 1 and have a substantial margin of advantage against the competition (which in my specific area does not exist yet) 

Yes, It is the people that invest and build now who will be strong on the economy uplift.

People that put their head in the sand will miss out!

no choice, so I am comfortable with the risk 

I feel that "times of crisis" is an overly dramatic way to characterize our current economic situation. To answer the question, however, I do believe that the downturn provides many opportunities for entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs. 

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