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Are these times of crisis good for beginning a business?

Yes, defiantly. Many people often innovate and come up with new ideas and better ways of doing things through the process of solving a problem.

Many new entrepreneurs are born in the chaos of crisis. Many people find themselves inspired by new ideas and motivated to turn them into a reality especially if they have been affected by negative experiences such as losing their jobs for instance.

Yes. Crisis makes you focus. Do or die. And I'm not the dieing type. 

The best time to start a business idea that you have is always "Right Now". 

I have no idea. This is my first attempt. 

Crisis or not, it always a good time for beginning a business. Adapt your approach and strategy to the current environment and be a visionary by looking at where trends will be tomorrow. Then the purpose should always remain the same: selling. 

These times of crisis for starting a chocolate business! Did you know that during the Great Depression, chocolate sales increased? Chocolate is considered a recession proof business. When would you like to start? 

A good idea is always worth pursuing, even in difficult times. One can always find reasons why not to begin a business, but if you have a good idea, you should move ahead fast or others would. 

Always never follow the crowd 

Lots of businesses will fail, so if you're smaller maybe you'll be lighter on your feet, closer to spotting where the opportunities are and so on. Having said that, we started a corporate training business when everyone knows that training is one of the first budgets that companies cut in a recession. I'm proud that we've survived and optimistic that the very fact we did will stand us in good stead. 

Absolutely, entrepreneurs will create jobs and inevitably turn things around. 

Perfect timing 

What times of crisis? 

yes and no. Many people are laid off or in my situation trying to find a way to make extra to help family, so a low cost start up business may be a good solution. However, if you do not have the time, patience, and extra money to invest, then no it is not a good time to build a business. It is rough and there are many obstacles, and it is easy to be discouraged at times. 

The chines symbol for crisis and opportunity are one and of the same symbol, its how you interpret the crisis or opportunity for the end result 

You bet! You can many things and many things done for less $$$$$. 

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