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What other types of businesses are you frequently tempted by?


Softwares and consulting services. 

I would love to own a brick-and-mortar store and also a restaurant. I'd love to own my own PR Firm too. 

those that embrace the new world order and boldly go forward, despite their fears 

Once Think Productive is on a good footing, I think I'll start another social enterprise. There are a couple of ideas I'm knocking around at the moment: one to help kids in the social care system (which I think is one of the most overlooked injustices in our society) and the other one is about providing employment opportunities to the long-serving staff of factories that close, leaving them on the employment scrapheap in their 40's and 50's.
Also, I'm a massive football fan and would love to do something in the sports/football arena but that's my little 'fantasy business' for now!

Exploring all possibilities with TV.com 

SEO coacing. Website building businesses. Anything related to education and empowerment. 


The service business and construction industry will always hold a warm place in my heart 

All of them except restaurants. 

going back to adolescent & family counseling, it's nice to help kids and see them grow. 

The convent :)! 

No other business venture has tempted me as this has. This is my passion 

Owning a seaplane charter service. I want to be the grumpy old guy at the end of the dock that has a nice plane and will take you somewhere if you aren't too demanding and ask nicely. 

Internet marketing
multi-family and commercial real estate investing
$$ trading; stocks, options, currency, etc.
triple-net leasing
island resort development and ownership
bank ownership
insurance firm ownership

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