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What other types of businesses are you frequently tempted by?

Hmm... nothing. 

I am a techie. I love gadgets, so tech startups often appeal to me. However, I know where my limits are and will not get involved in things I just like but have no real knowledge of. 

I’ve always wanted to open a night club, cocktail bar and/or restaurant. The project is still relevant today, simply on standby.
Also I have always been passionate with editorial and I hope to be lucky enough to one day launch the Pride of Cameroon Awards Magazine.
Last but not least, I've always wanted to be an actress. I am planning on taking a class this summer if my schedule allows it.

I am mostly inspired by artists 

I am tempted by any business that is original and built with integrity. 

I really wish I could invent something that I could sell in a box! A bit easier sometimes when you've got something brand new.

Writing a book would be great - i've got the facts and stories but lack the skills to write.


I love the integrated library cafes. Someday I'll have mine.
The sale of natural products for skin care: creams, soaps, perfumes ...
The candy shops ....
And for DNA issues surely, I love production houses, and there I have a couple of ideas in the inkpot.

Sometimes I get very very hungry! 

I love hearing about companies that were started because someone just loved what they were doing. 

junk stores (salvaged and antique) 

Just more in the Fiber industry. And I want Chickens. Yes, Chickens & Alpaca and sheep. 

Everything related to distribution:
web projects
distribution optimisation
Niche marketing
online marketing

Everything what involves creativity and self expression. 

Websites, there is money to be made on the internet, and lots of it if your idea is good enough. 

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