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How do you balance work with relaxation?

friends, fun, music and the outdoors
I work from a home office, so this can be endlessly challenging to leave work & take time for myself

I make "me" time everyday, which may consist of reading a book, talking my dog for a walk, visiting with family etc. 

I'm a start-up so I'm not getting a lot of relaxation time. It will come. I try to enjoy my evenings the best I can, but I work at least a little on weekend days. 

I read, meditate, and listen to self-talk. Change your thoughts change your life. 

work is relaxing 

I make appointments to do my fun and relaxing. 

My work is my relaxation. My whole family is a part of it. 

Frantic bursts of either. 

I don't 

That has always been a difficult balancing act for me. Because my business is very social and I enjoy it so much it is hard to see which is work and which is play. I really don't do a good job with balance. 

That's an interesting question. I have 3 children, so the development of my business is my relaxation time.
If I need to just come back to earth, I will take my children to the park, or watch one of my sons silly MTV shows with him, and laugh with him.

I work and work until I need a break. 

When I'm not caring for my clients pets, I continue to do the things I enjoy - spending time with my family, crafting, reading, etc. 

A bottle of wine, a good movie... But no balance here: work is 90%... 

I have a wonderful wife and two wonderful children. 

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