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Entrepreneurs have a reputation as "control freaks." How do you avoid that?

I am not a control freak by nature so don't have a problem with it. 

I am a control freak when it comes to quality and consistancy. My employees all have the same drive because they know how much my business means to them (a steady income) and to the customer. They actually love coming to work because they do truly own the environment they are in. 

It's so hard to let go of the "baby". No one cares about the business like the owner do they?

When I owned the store, I simply had to let go of things and let the employees take over. One person just can't do it all!

By having absolutely no control. 

You can't control everything...A business or idea is like a child, you cannot control every aspect of its life. You have to be willing to do your best and let it grow in a very natural and organic way...sometimes that means going in a completely different direction than you might have originally planned. It doesn't make your accomplishment any less meaningful by letting go of control. 

I really try to learn new skills but when it is over my head or something that does not capture my interest or something that will take me longer to do than it is worth, I find an expert and let them do it. I really try to save as much money as I can by doing things myself but there is a cost in lost business that I understand even if it is not a direct cost. The good news is that this control freak doesn't have a business that requires employees! 

It's impossible to not become a "Control Freak" when developing your own business. I haven't avoided this stigma unfortunately, but I know that something will happen that will make me re-think my need to control every aspect of my new business. 

My business is my business. I'm not a control freak by nature, so I run my business the way I like to be treated by other businesses. I don't want to overwhelm people or shove my ideas to them. I make suggestions, and whether they're agreeable or not, it's their choice!
I work hard, but I don't let my business control me.

I do not avoid it: I do control, and I like it. 

I agree that I myself like control but I'm a friendly enough person to share. The problem I have at the moment is knowing people I can trust, they are hard to find who not only are open and honest but believe in what I'm trying to do. 

Try & delegate some of the workload to other people. 

By staying grounded, keeping a level head on my shoulders! 

I control what I do, by being honest with myself, about what I can accomplish. I do not dream, I just put one foot forward and then the next. Persistance has been my friend, in making other people believe. 

It is very very hard not to be a control freak. Because I have so much riding on this idea being successful, I have no intention of stopping being a control freak anytime soon. So, I cannot avoid it! 

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