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What have you achieved up to now? What have you yet to achieve?

Achievements have been measured in cheers and tears. I think it was really great seeing some of the website features actually come to life. We've brought in word trackers, messaging systems, status updates, and even packaged some things in jquery.

We still need a bigger community base. We still have yet to break even. There is still so much to go!

Have been independent most of my sales career. Have developed and launched the Wealthy Women Workshop (financial education for women) Sold 9 million dollars worth of real estate in one year (set to do it again this year) I have a list of 101+ goals and it continues to grow :) 

Achievements as an entrepreneur are: getting started and sticking with it in spite of some pretty dire challenges.
Constant learning of new skills.
Balancing evolving priorities.
Becoming systematic.

Yet to achieve building the team I seek to have around me... and perhaps a life-partner who shares the same professional goals.

Working my way to having a storefront. Now I need to get my website off the ground and let more local people know I exist 

I have been President, CEO and Chairman of several major real estate companies during my business career 

I have achieved many small milestones that add up to having the freedom to live the type of lifestyle that I believe I have worked for. 

I've achieved alot of inner-growth, and now I'm looking for success outside myself. 

I have introduced nine editions of my "EasyTerms" book series: Anatomy & Physiology (Human), Biology, Biochemistry, Botany, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Nursing, Nutrition and Zoology. Here's a link that will let you see all nine editions at that really huge book site: http://Amzn.to/9fyT3B

I've also had published, "The Money-Saving Idea Book: Inside Tips for Starving Students, Frugal Seniors and Every Financial Survivor"... it has over 250 practical ways to save money. Details on it are available at the same (rather famous) site that I linked to above, or this page:


(Free sample ideas from the book are also available when you click on the above.)

The other two books that I've had published are much less serious than those mentioned above. They are humor/novelty books. One is "Name That Game: A Few Hilarious, Silly and Ridiculous Game Show Ideas" and the other is "The Approximate Value of Pi..."

That last book is really more of a novelty item than a real book: it's the (approximate) value of pi in the form of about 100 pages of numbers!

Information and/or ordering for those last two books (each of which is under $10.00) is available at the "Coffee Table Madddness" page of the same website. That page is here:


I don't keep a laundry list of accomplishments. All my medals and awards are in a shoe box in a closet. My achievements: I'm a survivor, over-achiever, passionate, risk-taker and heart-felt entrepreneur who 'gets' those who value the same and desire to make the world a better place for all to live in. 

I have successfully held 3 Walk In My Shoes Foundation Shoe Sales Events, and have several scheduled across the United States

I have been able to personally deliver information to four very famous entertainers who have stated they are intrested in the project.

I still have a lot more to achieve. It is my goal to have Walk In My Shoes as reknown as Susan G. Komen's Race for the Cure events and American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. I would like there to be Walk In My Shoes Foundation Shoe Sales, Celebrity Shoe Auctions and Walk In My Shoes Foundations Walks in every state.

It is my desire to be able to provide assistance to every patient who comes to the organization for assistance.

Up to now we've achieved two strong client bases that grow with each business year. We have a good network of work of mouth and social media advertising and we are truly helping people to heal, get stronger and get moving in our perspective fields.

We have a retreat center in the planning stages that we have yet to build. We have offsite corporate contracts to build on and grow and we have a lot of potential teaching opportunities to pursue.

I have active clientele, and projects that I am working to finance. On either project, I am a long way from even talking about achievement. 

I own assets that produce cash flow. Assets that produce lots of cash flow so that I can live the lifestyle I want to with that level of cash flow. 

With this program it has been really rewarding to see all the ten teams improving every day. Our general aim is to get at least three of teams to be attractive enough for VCs to receive an first round investment.

So far we have achieved quite a lot of media publicity and some great PR. In the future we want to be the best summer start-up program in the world!

A very successful website business. 

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