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What is the best way to give bad news to a patient?

Giving bad new is the hardest part of medicine. The best way is direct, clear and in the presence of loving/caring family or medical staff if available. 

With clarity and compassion. 

Be honest, straightforward, and respectful. 

probably not at all 

I believe that any "bad" news should be delivered in honesty, compassionately and with enough time to also be able to talk through the emotions and feelings that may come up. 

Truthfully and straight forward. 

Give the news to the patient's guardian 

Such news *must* be given in an honest, direct and compassionate way. It should also be done in the presense of loved ones. 

Relaxed, forthright, compassionate. 

it really depends on the situation.
books have been written about this so it is not possible to summarise it in a small paragraph however:

sensitively, compassionately, empathetically and humanely with the technical stuff de-medicalised as befits the individual patient are the are terms that I would use to describe this process.

of course not .but truth and honest opinion matter 

I cannot diagnose problems or ailments so there is no bad news to give.

Clients are encouraged to work with modalities at home. Whether they choose to do them or not will affect how quickly they will heal.

The best way to give bad news to a patient is two-fold. Begin by telling him that the tests represent only one moment in time. Mind-body medicine teaches us that those same tests performed on that same person at a different moment in time could have different results, depending on the patient’s mental, physical, and spiritual energies at that particular moment.

The mind is capable of changing many things in our reality, including conditions of the physical body. Did not Jesus say centuries ago, “Your faith has made you whole!”?

If the patient does not wish to put forth the time, effort, and energy to do his part in turning bad news into good, then it becomes important to stress an attitude of gratitude for all the good things that life has brought up to this point in time. If the patient is open to it, he should be gently reminded that we are more than just a body. We are more than just a mind, and that when we leave this body behind, we are welcomed to a world where we have a perfect body and live in perfect health.

With compassion and empathy. 

It depends on the personal discretion of the person who is entrusted to convey the bad news to the patient. Sometimes the person may be direct/blunt to such an extent that the patient may feel that the person was rude. Sometimes it may happen that person may break the news with a hug, or a smile and even try to brake the bad news in such a humorous way that the patient does feel that offended. eg in Hindi film Munnabha MBBS (2003), the lead protagonist hugs and shares the grievances of every person (even a terminally ill cancer patient) in such a way that they are happy even in the face of death. 

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