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Obesity, insomnia, and depression, are epidemic. What does that say about our way of life? What must be changed at the social level?

Our values must change. Money cannot be the prime motivating factor as it doesn't take into consideration people's well-being. 

Many people are lost, without direction. They have failed to connect with loving people and meaningful work. Without these, it is easy to fall into bad habits that lead to illness and disease. As a society we need to focus on what success really means and how to achieve it. To me, success is defined by having loving relationships and meaningful work... not solely the accumulation of material wealth and recognized accomplishment. Until we can all agree and move toward this definition, I suspect the incidence of depression and related disorders will continue to rise. 

That the cure to these health issues are more, realistically, complicated than what a single pill can possibly deliver. Teach complete cultural lifestyle changes and dietary prevention strategies instead of expecting a prescription drug to make it all better for the rest of your life. A prescription should only be encouraged as a temporary measure until you commit to less evasive options.

I would also teach people to seek help when it first begins to become a problem. Encourage the individual to seek help much sooner before the emotional behavior becomes to entrenched.

It says a lot. We are moving further away from the way we were meant to be living. The social level needs to be less concerned with making money and more concerned with helping their fellow man. I think integrity is one of the things lacking. 

Responsibility. People have abdicated personal responsibility. We expect the medical system and the government to fix everything. We do truely stupid things because we believe they (the government or the medical system) will step in and fix what ever problem arises. Allow, encourage, and require people to be responsible for their own health and many of these things will go away. 

Lack of communities is a big reason for insomnia and depression. Poor Countries where people are tightly knitted together have no time for depression. They are in a survival mode and close family and friends keep them on their feet and bouncing. 

The food industry is corrupt. Big food businesses are using techniques that tobacco companies used to use. They like to target kids with their lies. They slap things on labels that are completely irrelevant. I feel like beer companies are going to start putting "No Fat" on their bottles to promote it as a health food. That's what everybody else is doing. 

The American (industralized west) lifestyle is inherently unhealthy. We must stop the progressively worsening lifestyle many choose. There are ways to get back to the basics and live a healthier and happier life. 

We need to move more. We avoid moving, and it's taking it's toll. 

We need to slow down. Our priorities need to be reassessed.

What's important to me? The basics. Good food, a comfortable home, good friends, health. These are my priorities.

I think if we all took a hard look at what really matters and match our lifestyles with our goals, we'd all generally be healthier.

People need to start cooking again, eating what is local and native to them. We need to remember what our ancestors ate, how they lived, socialised and kept culture alive. Culture happens around the dining table and in play parks, it happens when we get together and play board games. When we spend more time with each other it's harder to feel isolated and stuck. We have got hooked on speed and it's time to slow everything down. 

Obesity, insomnia and depression are linked directly with our way of life, which today is very sedentary and a diet very poor in nutrients. To decrease this epidemic people have to take consciousness that are themselves who have to put a stop to this sedentary lifestyle, and try to rebuild as this may lead to other health consequences, such as piscologic may take up to death. To prevent it from happening to people and health professionals helping one another, improving diet, eating a balanced diet, doing physical activity every day, if moisturizer every day taking care of every day, but we can change that reality. 

It says we have little or no discipline and or education (biology, diet, nutrition). At a social level we need to be educated (junior, high school) 

I guess we need to change the world we are living in eat good, organic food, avoid stress and excessive technology and recognise that the things we have held dear (money, power, possessions etc) will not keep us healthy. 

I think these conditions all start early in life, and that treatment isn't really effective for any.

I suspect that insomnia relates to the sleep schedules established in childhood, so that one might be mitigated by a greater emphasis on establishing a schedule during the early months of life.

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