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Must an artist reinvent him/herself everyday?

I'd say challenge would be a better word. 

I don't think so. They must enjoy the process and see where the work takes them. 

No, I don't believe so. Saying this is definitely true sounds like a cop out to me. If you have an idea for a body of work that would take a good amount of time to complete, that is an accomplishment in itself. You can be in the same frame of mind while creating this cohesive statement and not have to worry about having a different vision everyday. 

I think not. Sometimes the best art is produced by people who spend years reinvestigating the same idea. Constant reinvention gets attention but doesn't plumb the deep. 

Yes, and no. While I think that it's important for an artist to have a difinitive style, I also think that just like everything else, you have to keep somewhat ahead of the game. Keeping your work current and relevant to the time you are living in is key. 

You've been talking to my wife, haven't you?!

I will be retiring from teach this next year and this is exactly her comment.

Yes, everyday we need to look at the world and be with it as it changes.

Not every day. I think of myself as on a journey and I may take on one style or method of working for a while, but I'm going to grow in experience and understanding so I expect my style will continue to evolve too. I expect to never be "there," but to have spent a lifetime figuring out things I like and don't like. My audience will change and grow too so to effectively communicate or inspire them, I will need to adjust. Technology changes too so styles may change with uses of new technology, but I think everyone has their own artistic fingerprint that will show through no matter the medium used. 

Not necessarily. I believe that a certain assignment might take you out of your comfort zone, which forces you to adapt, but adaptation is the best way to survive. 

I suppose it depend on your personality as much as youíre Work. Tracey Emin has a very public persona, so she is immediately as one in peopleís minds with her creations. Whereas of course Banksy is of necessity anonymous. He couldnít do what he does and get away with it if everyone knew what he looked like! I am conscious that I want my work to be the talking point, rather than any quirks or idiosyncrasies of my own, so I donít feel constrained to remake myself as part of my art. For me itís enough to know I am doing it. 

I think just be true to yourself. Every time I see someone try to change it is not natural. Just do the best you can and try to progress that way by working hard and every day. 

In terms of photography, I hear this one a lot in order to try to get a bigger piece of the pie. NO! If an art director goes through you're work and it's all over the place, then he/she will think that they are not hiring one of the only few artists that can get "THE" shot. Find your look, stick with it, fill your book with it and be true to what you want to shoot. 

I think to reinvent is sometimes confused with growing. 



I think it helps to be permeable. You might get an assignment for an illustration that may require you to change your style or way of thinking and you have to be adaptable to that kind of challenge. 

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