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What is your specialty? What does your work consist of?

Low calorie cooking 

Rolfing Structural Integration is my specialty -

I apply advanced bodywork techniques to free up myofascial structures that inhibit optimal function of the myosceletal system.
Part of each session is movement education and awareness training.

Usually in the course of ten sessions clients experience a lot more freedom in motion, easy alignment in sitting, standing and walking, relief of chronic pain and an often life-altering sense of being in control of their bodies.

I also love teaching about movement, posture and functional joint alignment.

I help individuals take charge of their health by looking at diet, supplementation and skincare.

Would you like to do the same? I need key people to join my team, are you that person? Why not get in touch now!


I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant by trade, which means that I help people develop a system of eating that promotes health while bringing joy to their life. I'm into plant-based diets, employing food and herbs as medicine. I have a lot of knowledge about supplements and recommend them when necessary.

I also do some freelance writing, and run a whole foods energy bar company called Crowbar Real Foods.

I'm open to almost anything within my field.

I am a BKS Iyengar based Hatha Yoga Instructor 

My specialty is Occupational Health and Safety. It consist of preventing the workers from injury and accident. 

I am a freelance dietitian and public health nutritionist, working mainly with the food industry to improve products, communicate messages to the media, and help to inform consumers. 

I am a counsellor/psychotherapist. I work with individual clients who for whatever reason are finding life hard, often because of depression, anxiety, bereavement, abuse or a whole host of other reasons. 

LUCY AIR AMBULANCE FOR CHILDREN is the first dedicated air transfer service in the UK for critically ill babies and children. Registered Charity No: 1138457 

I am an Auxilliary Nurse and Paediatric Student Nurse. My work consists of the provision of care for patients across the spectrum, with experience extending from:

elderly Medical
Acute Medical
Stroke Rehab
Minor Injuries (Adult and Paediatric)

Cosmetic Medicine. I do Botox and fillers, lasers, liposuction etc. 

At the moment looking for payed work.
My specialty is giving advise, being an inbetween i know both sides of the table,being a wake up call for the persons on the top
I can give the look of the people at the bottom of society.
how to stay in positive mind
treatment of clients
how to survive inbetween all the systems.
Social juridic worker

I am a Weight Loss Motivator! Motivational Speaker, Diabetes Advocate, Since being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes I have lost 100 pounds. Now motivating others to a healthier lifestyle. 

I'm a future physiotherapist. Well, I believe physiotherapy, as a field of medicine is more than just the treatment of diseases, injuries or weaknesses in the various joints and muscles said to be found in a living human body by exercises, rather it's a revolutionaized system of preventing these so-called diseases. 

I work in the holistic field since I am a firm believer in alternative medicine (non-conventional) and draw inspiration from the East, especially India. I specialise in Thai Yoga Massage, Oriental Massage and Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the ancient Indian system of healthy living and natural medicine which includes insight on lifestyle, diet and treatments such as Indian Head Massage and various other types of massage and therapies. I also do Reflexology and have a basic knowledge of Acupressure, and like to integrate Reiki into most of my treatments. All these treatments help boost the body's natural immune system to enable it to heal itself, or simply to maintain good health. 

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