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What is your specialty? What does your work consist of?

I am an integrative medicine physician. Trained as an MD in a traditional western medical school and post graduate internal medicine education for the past decade and a half I have self-taught and expanded my medical knowledge base in selected, researched and reasonable integrative and complementary/alternative medical diagnostics and therapeutics. This consists of nutritional medicine, some aspects of Ayurvedic and TCM, acupuncture, environmental medicine, preventive medicine, dietary supplements and herbology. 

I'm a Strength and Conditioning Coach. My clients include professional athletes, contract security, Military, and lots of average folks. I spend a lot of time getting people un-injured and back to youthful mobility and strength. My background includes 30 years of Fitness and Martial Arts training. I was one of the first people in the country to be certified in Russian Kettlebell methods.
I'm also a writer in the field of Life Extension. Check out the online magazine I produce with my partner Robin White. www.reversemagazine.blogspot.com

Find out more about me at www.tomfurman.com

I help people with environmentally exacerbated health conditions -- such as asthma, allergies, and headaches -- find relief by identifying potential triggers in their homes and removing household toxins. 

A few years ago I created Be Genki, the animal-, environment-, everything-friendly brand that advocates a holistic approach to beauty care, utilising the healing properties of pure essential oils, and providing lifestyle recommendations to help promote optimum inner health and harmony. My primary focus with Be Genki is to help people become more aware of how easy it is to incorporate small changes into their everyday life that helps to bring about holistic happiness. This is communicated not only via the packaging on each product but also via rituals that anyone can subscribe to for free via www.begenki.com to receive monthly how-to tips for integrating self-caring rituals into your daily routine to assist you in creating the kind of healthier, happier changes you’re seeking in your life. 

Homeopathy and Nutrition. My special area of interest is gluten intolerance and bowel disorders. I believe that food is medicine and work with clients to help them rediscover what real food is, how to listen to their body and choose food that suits it. Homeopathy supports the body as it readjusts and eliminates and soothes the heart and mind. Sessions are comforting, a place to be yourself, let go, let yourself be taken care of. 

I am a Registered Yoga Teacher, a certified Thai Yoga Therapist and Healing Touch Practitioner. To read more extensively about my practice, please visit:http://karenheil.com/ 

I am a nutritionist trained and work with care to address. I go to people who hire my service, do all the necessary assessment, while some guidelines about healthy eating, and then return with the return of the menu offered to the customer can then step through this menu a few guidelines. The menu is assembled according to the nutritional and economic needs of each individual and based on anthropometric measurements of each one. They are mounted menus for weight reduction, maintenance and weight loss. 

I'm a paediatric Physiotherapist. i try to help kids with disabilities attain their full physical potential. 

I am an retired Acupuncture Physician (FL 1992- 20002). My speciality is diet, nutrition, herbs, education and the curing of disease. Most disease is caused by poor diet (too buillding or too cleansing) . One diet (central theme plus two variations) can prevent and or cure most disease, if you know and can manipulate the building up (hot, yang) and breaking down (cleansing, cold, yin) nature of the body, food, herbs, nature, etc. 

Sou Fisioterapeuta do Desporto.Trabalho à cerca de 30 anos na rebilitação de atletas. 

I specialise in being able to pickup subtle and physical changes in the body. This means I can provide valuable feedback as to how the body is responding to treatments both alternative and mainstream.
I am a trained Naturopathic Herbalist and Iridologist. My main therapy is Morrell Reflex Touch a subtle, gentle form of reflexology combined with my own intuitive gifts.
I can help those suffering with chronic(longterm) conditions.

Herbal medicine - with particular emphasis on rejuvenation 

My specialty is in providing Chinese Tui Na massages. Tui Na is a Chinese therapeutic massage that utilises the accupressure points, It is similar to acupuncture except that we uses out thumbs. Thus for people who are afraid of needles, Tui Na is a good alternative. My work consist of finding out where it hurts on my clients body and then using the special hand manipulation techniques, to relax the muscles and then working on selected accupressure points to ease my client's pain. 

In this fast hectic world we live in everybody deserves the chance to escape and indulge in some precious “you time”. At the TSL you can do just that……
Organic ingredients are by far the best at helping minimise chemicals and toxins from entering the skin and you maybe surprised to find that organic treatments on offer at the TSL do not cost the earth! Holistic Body Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Organic Beauty Services, Threading, Manicures, Pedicures and Spray Tanning are just a few of the unique treatments we offer.

So if your looking for a fabulous combination of complimentary therapies, beauty treatments and energy work, along with quality professional training all in one beautiful and calming setting then the TSL Holistic Centre is for you….....


I lead a team in the identification of quality indicators for a health service provider. The indicators will be used to ensure that the organization is able to identify and improve the quality of the services provided and to measure the impact of quality improvement initiatives. 

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