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What is your specialty? What does your work consist of?

NICU nurse, taking care of sick babies 

I am a BCRPA certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Leader, Body Training Systems Group Power & Group Centergy Instructor as well as owner and founder of Bodies4Life Training.

I hold boot camps that challenge my participants with full bodied functional exercises.
My group fitness classes are contracted through private gyms and cover weight training, yoga/pilates, cardio kickboxing and Core conditioning.
I save all the best for my private training clients...dishing out TRX suspension exercises, bodyweighted exercises, crossfit inspired movements, nutrition guidance & tips, and so much more.

Walk Innovation.
Walking, energy and personal development.

Care of the Elderly. Enhancing the life of the elderly every day and ensuring a palliative care approach where appropriate. 

Gareth specialises in post rehabilitation programming for people recovering from injury, surgery and post physiotherapy. His skills in the field of Pilates will allow him guide you through the management of lower back pain and correct any posture faults to allow you to live a pain free lifestyle.

Gareth is also available to guide you through goals such as weight management, body sculpting, improving cardiovascular performance & building muscle mass.

We all know that what you eat on a daily basis is just as important as what you do in the gym. To complement your one to one training sessions you will receive a full lifestyle assessment, food log review and eating plan. This will ensure you are fuelling yourself correctly before exercise and recovering from your workouts.

Designer and manufacturer of rehabilitation, mobility and exercise aids for amputees 

Provide innovative health and wellness solutions for corporates for healthy employees and reduced losses due to presenteeism, absenteeism, life style condtions etc 

I work in Emergency Medical Services, which means, in this case, that I work on an ambulance. I am an Intermediate EMT, which means that I can do everything a Basic EMT is licensed to do in my state, plus I have a few other "special skills" that a Basic does not have, such as intravenous (IV) fluid therapy, manual defibrillation, and intubation. There are also a number of medications that I can give. 

I help people experience emotional freedom from issue such as stress, anxiety, trauma, abuse, PTSD, weight loss, anger management, panic, phobias, and chronic pain issues such as back, neck and shoulder pain.

My primary tool is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which uses tapping on acupressure points to clear stuck emotional states. I also use other methods from energy psychology and energy medicine.

My work is like counselling or psychotherapy but with EFT we get results in a much shorter time than conventional talk therapy alone.

I am a Certified Nutrition Educator. This means that I help folks get healthy with food. Either because they need to eat a certain way to support a particular health condition or because they've realized that it is important to make a change for health before they develop some sort of a health condition. 

Secular Sobriety. Educating the public and medical and addictions professionals that science-based treatment is more appropriate for substance abuse problems than religious-based AA 12 step treatment. 

Women's contemporary health and beauty issues with a special emphasis on breast health and change of life problems and treatment modalities. We have a daily updated blog at http://www.alwaysnewyou.com/blog/. Also, all natural beauty advice and celebrity tips available on a brand new website at http://alwaysnewyou.com/. We've recently expanded to include activities of daily living for today's woman - relationships, life changes, and future planning. 

My specialty is natural health without risks 

I am a Mental Health Activist. I work to bring a measure of understanding of mental health issues to society as a way to help eliminate the stigma that surrounds people with mental health issues/mental illness. 

BCRPA Supervisor of Fitness Leaders, i teach fitness, work to program health and wellness within our community evaluate new students and mentor new instructors 

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