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What is your advice for surviving the economic crisis?

Breathe deep. Give generously. Laugh a lot. Keep learning. 

Great customer service. I have a motto that I learned from a manager some years back: "Yes is the answer. What's the question?" If your customer is happy, they'll keep coming back. 

Stay positive, determined and motivated and never give up. When things hit rock bottom the only way is up. 

Be debt free. 

Get rid of debt... Keep only the essentials. Show loyalty to those who performed when the going was good. 

Make personal connections and NETWORK! 

Get in a market that may be changing, but will remain in the market through the change. There are certain needs that we still have even when the economy is bad. Food, income, transportation, etc. 


Respect Your Customers! Love Your Evangelists! 

Always have some sort of fallback in case the current biz does not pan out. Try to live within your means. Most studio owners are past the dancing for a professional company or teaching for others.
Therefore, they have resources, and the biz equipment does not have to be brand new, name brands---that will save alot as well.

Be smart about the choices you make, and keep marketing!!! 

I dont think it is a question of surviving more like accepting that there is one. If you accept the fact that there is an economic down fall right now. Then you should definitely make some changes towards the market. Market is changing slowly and steadily everyday. "Method" brand to me is a marketing phenomenon. It shows that quality and care really goes far as you reach out to customers. In general if you want to sell a product you have to go with the strategical approach. 

I believe you choose very carefully the products that you definately know will sell don't add any products that you are not sure of. Cut the fat! 

keep plugging 

Keeping asking, "How can I do it better?"


"What else should we be doing?"

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