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How do you generate ideas for your business? Are you used to brainstorming with someone?

Being I operate in the art and design world, my inspiration comes to me through imagination. No brainstorming sessions are involved in my line of business as our product is an emotional and personal driven process. 

I am combing prices with ideas who needs goods or service and combine thinking about their attraction in business idea. 

My ideas are self-generated. The best ones usually appear when my mind is busy of some other task. They just "appear" in the background. 

I am an introvert at my core and do most of my really effective brainstorming with myself. But, I also recognize the need to bounce ideas off of others--both those with chacteristics similiar to yours and those who are different. 

I do much of the brainstorming. I discuss with great minds, as well. 

my own 

I read widely, across numerous industries and business functions which provides me with great information for idea generation. More importantly I try to get closer to those things that are, "keeping my clients up at night." Working through ideas in dialog with clients and peer networks also helps me to better form ideas for prototyping and testing in the marketplace. 

I'm always asking people how to make things better. 

We all collaborate on new projects using SMART Business Solutions - from my desk in Japan I can work on a document with our New York based marketing director, and mail it directly to our CEO from our SMART board interactive whiteboard and Bridgit conferencing software set up.

Brainstorming with technology is so much better - I have no idea why adults use a flipchart!

Building an online community is essential. Get to know your peers. They can provide valuable insight. 

To generate ideas for business our team brainstorms with mind maps & storyboard. 

We have our own strategic planning process. It is structured, with the participation of all partners. 

I use flip charts and write ideas until I feel empty. Then I get someone else I trust and narrow the ideas down until I feel good about what is left. 

On reaching out to other tribes there is brainstorming if we have another Tribe that can become an opportunity for funding. Associate's experience with other Tribe and their thoughts on if a workable tribe. 

I have always been a dreamer even as a very young child I had a wild imagination. I have ideas daily and I always look how I can turn something I see into a company or product. When I have these ideas I write them down in a notebook. Though many of these ideas will stay in that notebook and never go further it allows me to look at things from a new perspective and expand on idea.

My advice is to never think an idea is stupid or impossible. No matter what it is or how impossible it seems write it down. Things we have today like mobile phones, 3D cinema were all once impossible dreams!

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