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How do you generate ideas for your business? Are you used to brainstorming with someone?


Ideas are in our blood. We generate more ideas than we can execute. Our challenge is in prioritising them! 

I brainstorm ideas with my family and friends. I find that bouncing around ideas with people that understand my passion and vision is very beneficial. 

There are so many topical issues in the News about life in Toronto, lifestyle, Dealing with our Aging Parents http://www.davidpylyp.com/ShowResources.cfm?Pageid=51833&TypeOfPage=6 You could focus on First Time Buyers. The most effect contact system is face to face, belly to belly, Door Knocking. With our shift to Condominium Lifestyles and Gated Communities it is more difficult to connect. Tis is being replaced with Facebook and Twitter. Where are the best places to shop and eat? Restaurants have been offering discounts to entice customer. I love to cross promote different business ventures.

Our core group of masterminds share their pooled experiences and ideas of what work better than the other,

Most of our brainstorming relates to our marketing and advertising. We also provide custom installations. 

I totally love networking with others and brainstorming is fun. 

I don't have trouble coming up with ideas. In fact I have to try and ignore many of them as they can be very distracting and can cause a loss of focus. 

My mind is going all the time, especially when I am trying to go to sleep. I bounce ideas off a few close friends of mine that are in sales and running their own businesses as well. 

It can be done very structured in creative workshops and with well-established techniques.

However - many ideas often may just "flash" straight through your brain in a surprising and unexpected moment. To me it is important to record and memorize these flashlights - which I try to better understand and rationalize in the following steps.

I am always brainstorming - probably too much! We have plenty of ideas and the list gets whittled down to what can be actioned now, next month, next year etc 

I generate ideas by observation, brainstorming with friends within the industry, journals and through the net 

We take our idea's from the world around us (as cheesy as that sounds!) 

As a consultant everything I do stems from getting to know my client's business and goals. Without that collaboration and information sharing, the results would never be as positive. I ask a ton of questions so I can learn as much as possible about what the client needs. 

I'm always looking for new things to do for my website and my business! I read a lot every day to get ideas to write about so I have the freshest content possible. I also watch other successful people online. I opt in to their mailing lists and read what they have to say. Not only does this give me new ideas for my business, I usually learn something new along the way. 

Yes, brainstorming is a regular habit. I brainstorm with colleagues, friends and business associated. Constant conversation about the business keeps fresh ideas coming. 

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