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What advice do you have for those reluctant to try new technologies?

No harm in trying...just don't spend lots of money just to get the next shiny new thing. If your going to buy technology then research to make sure it really provides value that equates to the cost. 

If it ain't broke don't fix it. I'm wary of technology as a panacea, every new bit brings it's own troubles and caveats. Make sure you have a real need and you do your research before you put your money down. The wonderful world of retail is full of sharks. 

My advice is to try it. If you are patience and follow instructions you will learn a thing or two. Knowledge is power! We all started in the same place. We did not know about technologies until we tried it. Just like we did not know how to ride a bike until we tried it.

And if you are using old technologies and hesitant to try new technologies. Just do your research or ask someone to help you find what are the pro and cons on moving to new technologies. Sometimes, you need to follow the old school of thought if something is not broken then don't upgrade. However if you want new features and new experiences you need to take the leap. Do not worry we will catch you!

u can't swim by jus lookin at water 

As Nike advertising, Just do it!!!
If You don't try at least you will stay one, two or even more steps behind yours rivals.

what's to be afraid of? are you an ancient? it's not gonna kill you.. unless some proprietary developers decides to put a bomb on it and never tells anybody. //;=ô 

Be very open minded because technology can change in an eye wink. Open mindness will help you achieve great goals in technology because of how fast they change and you need to keep up with that. 

Do it or face extinction. 

I encourage them to jump right into the deep end and play. 

Open yourself up to experimentation in life. It’ll go a long way. 

"Dedication unlocks the door to achievements." 

Dont be afraid that you'll break it, be adventurous, technology can be a great friend. 

Just jump in and swim. What's the worst that can happen? 

Technology os progress. As long as we keep one foot on the gas, its easy to drive. 

Just dive in. 

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