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Does pressure impede your concentration or is it a stimulus to outdo yourself?

i especially hates pressures. some people may need a pressure to stimulate their concentration. for me pressure only gives headache and nothing to resolve. 

Pressure stimulus me to outdo myself. 

Both, dependent on your mood and fatigue level. 

I cant work under pressure.I give up under pressure. 

Itís done both things to me. 

Pressure, in this case time pressure (say put on by customers or the board), helps to eliminate unnecessary features. It narrows everything down to the minimal functional requirements, which is a good thing. 

It depends on the situation. 

I always see pressure as a challenge to meet and exceed customer expectations. 

It's a stimulus. 

Stimulus to out do, and over-do 

Personally, more stimulating however there are moments when I have lost the plot due to long hours of work. 

Pressure arrives from you screwing up in the first place!

If you don't screw up there is no pressure

Definitely a stimulus. Under pressure we all do things that just could not have happened in any other situation. If you're brave enough, you will weather the storm of deadlines or meeting budgets and end up with something that would not have been possible otherwise. And you can then take that experience with you. It's yours. 

There is a certain amount of "good" pressure, but too much pressure is disaster. 

Its a stimulus - I often put myself under pressure in order to make things happen 

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