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How is an idea born? For you, what is inspiration?

Jacqueline a graduate of Medgar Evers College minored and majored in Education and then the Arts, documented Brooklyn Museum, Museum Of Modern Art, Schaumburg Library Of Black Studies, Whose Who In America (Cambridge) Whose Who In America Emerald, Medgar Evers College, Archives of Whose Who Artist In America, this is just a few achievements of Jacqueline Amos.

The southern blues is the style of lady blues; her dynamic style portrays Billy Holliday, Bessie Smith, Etta James, Earthier Kit," My man Doesn't Love Me" Billy Holiday, and many exceptional lady blues singers, her high light is differently original, with that misty forte of blues aesthetics " Many say she is the resurrection of the past. Lady blues Jackie compose on the rhythm of the bars of notes; the melody instantly forms a historic symphony of blues. Lady Blues portray the 40's in her conservatory of originals, feeling the soul that lives within her, her vocal style at times resemble Bessie Smith, and many masters of the blues. Lady Blues also creates a forum the back door blues.

I often reflect on the times of Cotton Club Comes To Harlem with Lady Blues, Billy Holiday, the reflection sends a light of the times of the 1940's, the horns that plays from the direct spirit of Blues, and the sounds of the pass, which reverts through the mike of Lady Blues Jackie, this vibrant cry, take me to the cotton club brings the applauds from the audience, Jacqueline not only a literarily writer but a composer who gets down and dirty at times, singing the flows of which she refer to her ancestors, the cries from the mike, my mama done told me, I was a country girl, but I took a chance on the silver meter to release my pain, through this heroic symposium, of blues and poetic compositions she let the world feel the revolution of composition;

Wonderful things I see in nature inspire me to paint. Good design and dramatic light inspire me. 

Inspiration is today. A rich tapestry of life surrounds us, which thread will fascinate me, every one leads to another idea. I never have a shortage of ideas, only a shortage of time 

My source of inspiration comes mainly from my dreams. I have been having dreams about Angels ever since I can remember. Ex: I have dreamt about a pair of beautiful white wings hovering inches above a long and narrow road. Nothing else in sight just fields of wheat grass to the left and right of this road. The wings were facing away from me as if they were waiting for me to just slide right under them and take off. That was the feeling that I got during this dream and the feeling reamained long after I awoke. Another source of inspiration are the Mortals themselves. The daily interaction with the beautiful Souls that are housed in the Human body are my sources of inspiration. 

Some pop into my head.Some develop as I paint
Alot come from pics that I find online and it just clicks.

I find inspiration primarily in 2 places. Reading other picture books and in my doodles. I will just sit and scribble pictures down in my sketchbook and I will get ideas from them. I get the hard back sketch books and hold on to them and periodically browse through them for ideas. 

anything can be inspiration... it's a matter or right time and right place, etc. 

The mind is everything, so ultimately it all emerges from there. Anything can act as inspiration. If I get stuck I go for a walk. That generally sorts things out. 

I've long since stopped waiting for inspiration. It's not going to jump out at you from nowhere. I think about what I want to say, then how. I try to structure it with what elements I want in there, how they should be displayed and so on. Of course, every now and then an idea just pops out from your unconcious or you get caught up in something that you want to set on paper. 

I'm inspired by the models I choose to paint. They are not selected at random; each has her own uniquenesses, personality, and character. That's a major source of inspiration, but I am also inspired by books and music, and sometimes I'll think of a theme I want to explore -just out of the blue- and I'll have that "itch" to create. 

It's not something I can really articulate. For lack of a better expression, it just comes to me. I can see a colour combination on a building and then bam, I have an idea for a completely unrelated illustration. I can't really explain how it works. 

Doodling or showering. 

Mainly at night, before I go to sleep...Sometimes just riding down the street. 

watching the news, reading the paper, people watching, day dreaming, driving around, sitting on the beach, smoking... 

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