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What are your personal relationships like with the people you work with?

We often gain positive feedback from clients, for many this is the first time someone has listened and truly understood where they are coming from without making a judgement. When clients quickly gain confidence and overcome fears they can’t always believe how easy it was to start moving towards their goal. 

There are always areas to improve on. In general I believe I am a respected contributor, leader and friend to some extent to a lot of the people I work with. 

It is important to me that the relationship be warm as in I have a genuine desire to help while preserving the independence of the person. I believe in the person's ability to make the changes and their overall commitment. 

I feel very close to all of my clients. I try to remember birthdays and send special offers including free offers every now and then. We enjoy talking in the free chat sessions offered on my blog and have a great bit of fun together! 

Fun. Productive. Innovative. 

My clients know they can count on me for three things: straight shooter, sensitivity, and playfulness. We have a solid, productive relationship, they know I'll give them honest feedback every time. They know I am sensitive to their feelings and what they want, and we have fun. We laugh and genuinely enjoy one another's company. 

Normal in the sense of no false patronage and lying as it relates to how we feel. There are ups and downs but being real is most important in each situation. I think this question should be answered by them :) 

Each person is very different from the other, but always remain the same. With continued effort, my goal is to always become a part of who they are, but at the same time, they know who I am so that there are never any barriers. 

I am there for them & they are there for me. We not only know this but also have experienced it. 

Like all other relationships. Some are easy, some are more difficult. The lessons come from the difficult ones. The sensation of joy come from the easy relationships. 

Exceptionally good. And what else would you expect a coach who works with people to answer?

I have really clear boundaries with my clients and so they know that everything we talk about is within that coach - coachee relationship. I also appreciate them, and honestly, I do think everyone has something to bring to the world. I would never treat my client as broken and needing fixing; as for the majority whatever is going on for them is completely normal, just sometimes they need space to think and a different perspective to come up with the right answers for them.

They often develop into friendships so I believe that they must be good 

I work with clients. They either love my approach or it's not for them. 

I truly enjoy getting to know my coaching clients. They generally share very personal things about themselves with me, no matter what our coaching objective. I deeply respect this vulnerability and come to care about them very much, although I never take on any specific opinion about what I think they should or should not do -- that is not my job as their coach. My job is to be there for them and support their personal path to discovery, whatever path they choose.

We have fun, we work hard, we explore all the deep motivations for why something is important and what is the best possible way to make it happen.

I generally do not share very much about myself because it just is not relevant to their situation, although I am warm and completely present for them. The feedback that I get is that they feel listened to, supported, validated, and empowered.

Friendly and honest. And a little bit distant, as I mostly work over Internet and telephone. :-) 

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