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Can positive thinking can be developed into a habit?

Positive thinking - the sense of I can try this, try this, and keep trying this, can be developed into a discipline just as easy as how you shave your face (for males, right side or left?) or any other behavior.

The research behind some behavior by people like Angela Duckworth, for example, is pretty suggestive that perseverance - another way to label positive thinking - can be formed and developed,

The techniques we teach give the client a choice that you would not have had previously. We anchor positive thinking to keep you motivated but you as the individual have the empowered choice 

Absolutely. The mind really is a powerful thing. An easy example of the top of my head is visualisation, where an athlete pictures in their mind's eye their success, how they will move, or a routine. It has been proven that visualisation in many cases provided equal if not better results than actual physical practice.

Training our thinking to focus on certain aspects of experience, react to challenges in certain ways and manage stressful events are well within everyone's ability.

Yes, of course. It requires more than rose colored glasses though. 

There is no doubt about this one; YES!
It is worth highlighting that the majority of us in our apparent developed world are more susceptible to negative tendencies than positive ones.
From a very early age we are thrown No and No and Don't and Can't again and again!
So turning that mindset around requires education, proof of concept and habit forming principles...
The good news is that we are born with the positive module deep in our psyche; it's what got us off our hands and knees to totter upright before choosing to run... now there's some wonderful positive and courageous thinking needed to achieve that!

This is the essence of my first book 'Little Book of Self Empowerment'.

Absolutely! It takes far less time to develop a negative habit than to overcome one. With patience, perseverance and a positive attitude anything can be accomplished! 

Absolutely! We are spiritual beings having a human or physical experience. Positive thinking represents our spiritual sides and shows up in the positive emotions of love, hope, faith, happiness, gratitude, etc. The habit develops through persistence and a understanding that how we think is under our control. This is why focusing on our dreams is the most efficient way to achieve our goals. i.e., instead of dealing with our negative emotions... put ourselves on the positive plane and learn to fly! 

Absolutely. I am excellent evidence that a journey can be made from a poor state of positivity to a much better one. 

Every word has impact! What you think is what you are and always comes into fruition. You have heard of the statement, say it 21 times and you will remember? Well, I believe that what ever is said is already done and put out there. Our thoughts, emotions and our words are a very powerful gift that each individual has, and when we use them, we change ourselves as well as the lives and world around us. This is why positive input is so important. Thinking in progressive terms like "I have" "I AM" always makes positive changes. We are what we think! Repeating a mantra everyday or a statement that enhances your life will allow for that habit and that positive change. 

Absolutely! Thinking positively can replace negativity if there is a willingness to do so. Anyone can make that happen but they have to be a positive thinker to see it manifested. Anything done often enough be it positive or negative can be developed into a habit. 

Yes, absolutely. And it should be. I practice visualizing my goals and what I want every morning and every evening and throughout the day. If I hear a "negative" voice in my head try to take over, I tell it where to go.
You MUST learn to manage your thoughts if you are to succeed at anything. I learned this in meditation practice.
I help my clients remember this too.

With enough Practice, Yes Positive Thinking can be developed in to Habit.
Why only this?
Anything can be definitely developed in to Habit by Practice.

Only if someone wants it to. 

Yes and No. I belive that we have an inherent trait to either focus on moving towards what we want (which can be viewed as positive thinking) or away from what we don't want (which can be viewed as negative thinking). This is largely motivated by our values. Often the moving away from is motivated by a value of safety and staying safe is actually quite positive! So what I'm saying is it is how we think about it. So if we label our thinking as negative or positive that is how we will feel about it. So we can move to be more positive in our thinking and like anything else if it tips over into obsession and we miss some of the warning signs then this in itself can become negative! 

Yes, but for some people this is easier than for others. It requires an act of will at first for many of us. And sometimes we will slip back into older habits of thinking negatively, particularly when we are under stress or experiencing changes. This is completely normal. Having a support system in place during those times can make a huge difference between whether we remain in negativity or move forward to a new, more positive outlook. 

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