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What must the person you are helping contribute?

truly to be present, aware, and to "think about one's thinking" nondefensively with me...thats it.... 

The client needs to commit to change and approach coaching with an open mind wherever possible. At the end of the day it is their life that will change and as with lots of things in life, a client will get out what the put in. 

A person need only bring their commitment, determination, and the willingness to show up. Coaching often has clients facing fears, realizing negative beliefs, and working through blocks to get to the other side. Sometimes it is scary and painful. If you stick with it and face the fears, chances are you will get what you want 

They must be willing to take the time to apply what they are learning. What they put in, they will get out. 

Passion and dedication to take a stand for what they want to achieve. 

Two things. One, the willingness to be honest with themselves and me. Two, the willingness to experiment with new ideas and tools. 

The client is expected to explore their thoughts, and to come up with narrative elements that are linked to their problems, so we can work at producing changes in their scripts and frames, which will then produce better outcomes in their lives. 

A client must be willing to take action and make some changes in their life in order to move forward. 

Trust with the capabilities in hands, commitment and sharing. Be cohesive and competent. 

Commitment, passion, energy, loyalty, willingness to change and grow, punctuality, open mindedness, faith, honesty, desire to succeed.
Coaches can not do the work,the client does that.

A lot! Dog training is a gradual process. Consistency is the key over the duration of a dog's life. Yes, you invest most time during puppyhood or first acquisition of dog. I always STRESS to clients that what we accomplish in hour is nothing by comparison to what THEY accomplish with their dog the 6 days and 23hrs we're not in a training session. 

Obviously by contacting me they have taken the first step - they realise they need change and they realise they need help to effect the changes. Clients must be serious about change and must commit to the coaching process. They must work with me, they must be honest about the information they share and they must take responsibility for implementing the changes as we move on. Dedication, patience and perseverance are excellent contributions too. 

They must be as committed as I am to working on their goals and they must be honest, willing to explore and remove blockages that arise. 

The same as I offer to them: honesty, openness, trust, receptiveness to new ideas, and willingness to change as change feels natural and appropriate. 

They have to be completely on board to grow and change. They have to come to the sessions ready to share, listen, and change.

My clients want to get to the next level so they understand that this is their show. I am merely a guide to help them see their path.

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