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What must the person you are helping contribute?

1) A commitment to themselves to see the programme to the finish.
2) Honesty
3) Adaptability - they may need to experience and face new challenges.
4) Humility - stripping away 'ego' is important to achieve long term as opposed to short term success.
5) JOY - this must be a 'fun' experience where possible for the both of us.
6) Results - ultimately the output is what determines success; together this is the goal.

This is all about opening eyes and moving people from where they are to where they want to go. So honesty and working the game plan are a must. If it doesn't work for them, then all it cost was a few moments of their lives. 

In a coaching session the client is always the expert. So, the client is expected to be open and honest and agree to some self-exploration. Identifying one's values and vision is a good first step. Then, when realistic goals are established for the client, the coach will hold the client accountable for performing the actions required to meet those goals. The client is always the "Action Agent" responsible for attaining the goals. The coach merely assists with the process. 

A decision to grow and commitment to the change that they desire. This does not mean that they always get it right but that they are committed to do what it takes to move beyond the fear and achieve their goals. 

A desire to work through their path no matter how difficult. To take an active role and participate in the projects as outlined for them. To communicate with me when they are down as we all will have moments of feeling nothing is going to work for us. When we have open and honest communication we will find success! 

I am willing to help anybody - but if you are not willing to change I can't help you. People think by just ''having a trainer'' will get you in to shape - I am only working with you 2 - 3 hours a week, what are you doing the rest of the time??

Share knowledge or services, appreciate the value I bring and be prepared to share that, including financially. 

The person I work on must first want to be healed. They must give 100% instead of 20, 50 or even 75%. It always starts with the intention of doing better and accomplishing the goal that we make an agreement on. The goal is always attainable when one wants to make changes. 

Enthusiasm, commitment, willingness to be coached and do the agreed to next actions. I can't help someone who doesn't take the action steps that we agree will help them get to their goals. I demand commitment from my clients, they are expected to complete their coaching program no matter what and hold their publishing goals as priority importance, or else we are all just wasting time.
Sometimes my clients need my support to reignite their enthusiasm, which I am happy to provide, but the spark, the passion must be there to begin. You can't light a wet log.

There total dedication to the process of discovery, practices, and action steps and involvement of developing the above mentioned. Keeping payments up to date to keep a line of integrity and trust in order. 

Open mind, Commitment, Dedication, Trust & Interest are always appreciated but not a compulsion. These things can always be developed over a period of Time. The most Important & Vital thing is willingness & being prepared. 

The desire to move forward, complete honesty, the willingness to explore uncomfortable situations, the ability to 'step away from the norm' and open their minds to the possibility that they have the answer...... it's just a little hidden. 

Most of all they need to contribute their commitment to the process; through bringing real live 'issues' to the coaching situation, honesty with themselves and the coach, self response-ability, and a commitment to action. 

My clients must be willing to be honest with themselves and with me. They must be willing to commit to the time we have scheduled. They must understand that I bring to the relationship my expertise in coaching along with insights and observations about their unique situation. What they bring is a deep desire to do the work necessary to bring about the changes they want to see in their lives. Together we are the solution they are looking for. 

Openness, curiosity, interest, willingness to play and try something new, and eventually, commitment to action. I believe in action-learning - in the coaching session, we discuss the "issue" and come up with something new to try. That new activity may or may not produce the desired results. No matter the outcome, it gives us fodder for the next session. 

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