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What political figures in recent history do you admire most?

As far as political figure go I can't say that there are too many. No one in the British system has come anywhere close to my beliefs, though Blair started off well. Jimmy Carter - in ideology if not in practice - is probably about as close anyone has come. I'm also a big fan of Bill Clinton. More so since he's left the Presidency in fact. 

Aung San Suu Kyi is one of my political hero's because she maintains a graceful integrity in the face of tyranny and imprisonment. She only campaigns peacefully for democracy and because of this she will one day help Myanmar to become a democracy. 

John F Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Barrack Obama, Naomi Kline. 

Ghandi, Nelson and Martin... 


There is no PERFECT politician as far as I know. However, those who benefited their countries the most - not themselves or their parties - are well admired. Gandhi, Mandela, and many other politicians benefited lives of millions of people in their country. 

Simples Maggie Thatcher. She knew that some of her descions might be unpopular but she had more balls that most people.

Also I have a tiny bit of respect for Nick Griffin yes he is as popular as dog poo but anyone who can take so much flack then just stand up I'll respect them

James Madison, Ronald Reagan and Bob Hope. 

TR, FDR, JFK, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Alan Grayson, Nancy Pelosi, Russ Feingold, Anthony Weiner, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama 

Richard Shepherd, MP for Aldridge & Brownhills. 

Harry Bridges, Eugene Debs, Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy. 

Ron Paul for fighting the mainstream media and standing up for his beliefs even when his own party refuses to aknowlege him. Nigel Farrage who is Englands equivilant of Ron Paul, and every american that voted to make a change in the last election. 

Hilary Clinton 

Forest Gump; 

Recent history? There are very few, but I especially like Chris Christie and Allen West. 

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