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How do you define your political position? What is the ideology that inspires it?

If there's a government, I'm opposed to it.

Anchored in Crazy Wisdom a la Tom Robbins.

My name is Marcello and I am the founder of OrganicLegion.org. I created this movement to fight for justice, freedom, peace and self-sufficiency. This is my and our ideology. We do not belong to any political party, we are our own party, protecting people and the planet.

I consider myself an artist besides an activist and environmentalist, and believe that art, fiction is a powerful change maker and an inspiring form of expression, and if fused with concrete actions, the dream of a better, just World will come true.

I decided to create and name this movement after these two words: ORGANIC and LEGION. I wanted to associate metaphorically the meanings of natural, safe and unity as fundamental ones to make a difference, and reaching our goals of Justice and self sufficiency.
The core spirit of the Organic Legion, as stated in our causes, is fundamentally based on the principle of BIODIVERSITY. I believe that: Millions and millions of different people holding together, harmonized, each playing a special role, can successfully further the goodness of humanity.

I realized that we need a new way of thinking and taking action that abandons the old and ineffective activist's ways to make a difference.
I had grown tired to see petitions, public attempts asking for temporary moratoriums. Also, campaigns like 'Labeling GMO Food' are important but unfortunately take years to concretize only to be left with laws that continue to permit genetically engineered technology.
These only delay the catastrophic consequences on our health and nature; only continue to accept the fossil fuel industry's monopoly on our economy.

I decided, however, to address the cause not the symptom and incorporate this first principle in our movement, fight the right fight - simple as that. We do not ask to end offshore/onshore oil drilling, coal mining and gas drilling in a particular site/area; we do not ask to stop the approval of a new toxic pesticide or to ban an existing one; these actions, although well-intentioned, are only partially effective, at times redundant, unchanging and can be an oxymoron.
However, we ask to end this above altogether, everywhere and forever and replacing it with evolved, creative, sustainable, pragmatical, renewable and effective solutions. We have been waiting for decades, and it will not happen until people stand up together strategically to change just that.

The most strategic action is also the most simple.
The second principle I applied to the movement was: "Give a man a fish, you have fed him for today; teach a man to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime".
That goes hand in hand with treating the cause and not the symptom as mentioned above. This will create SELF SUFFICIENCY through local, environmental agriculture; business interdependence; local accountability and responsibility; local production and trade; consequently, political autonomy and cultural diversity will be promoted.

I believe in individual responsibility, and merit. 

I would say I'm a conservative, environmental communitarian in the sense that I believe rampant individualism is at the centre of many of our social and environmental problems 

i am an arab egyptian care about the currect satiuation happining in arab countries
i am not catigaraised in a certin ideology which means am in a midel point of all ideolgies

Anarcho-Capitalist inspired by Ayn Rand's Objectivism, and Max Stirner's Individualist Anarchism. 

I usually describe myself as conservative but I know other people would say liberal-conservative or Libertarian. It's not very easily defined, I suppose. Politics is so complex. 

Our work is rooted in the Quaker traditions of non-violence and 'speaking truth to power'. 

Communist, Marxist - leninist - maoist 

Anti-fascist.Opposed to fascist ideology 

Some say it is difficult to place me exactly; I don't mind being called a Christian Libertarian, if that means that I believe in minimal government, i.e. a government that concentrates generally upon two areas - a) protecting the society it serves from threats from without, and b) protecting the weakest in that society from threats from within. I firmly believe this is the God-given role for national government, alongside the governmental roles given to the family and the individual, which must also be respected. 

anti-elitist-run "democracies" and all other forms of oppression. I think its safe to say that todays Empire, the US, is at best an inverted-totalitarian state with its control over "the west" with managed democracies (the smileyface of inverted totalitarianism) and economic control through dictators and random organisations.

I do not trust any hirearcic structures can reflect any true meaning of democracy

Liberal politics 

Apolitical. Fair politics for all, free from bias. Truth, justice, community. 

I don't like labels but if I must have one, I suppose I am a social free enterprisist. Since there is no such thing, I guess I'd better explain. A social free enterprisist believes that things that an individual and a society need in order to survive and flourish -- shelter, food, clothing, sanitation, medical care, education, essential transportation, connectivity, safety -- should be provided at no charge, and that luxuries and enhancements -- a big car, fancy duds, caviar, a larger than standard home, or a second home, elective surgery -- should be purchased by individuals who can afford them and desire them. Capitalism is fine in theory, but people ARE greedy, and careless of each other's welfare, and no one should die in order for someone else to have an extra million bucks. There is plenty of room for commerce and enterprise in this philosophy but greedy folk will object, of course... especially to education. Our free education system, sorely in need of revision and in danger of being dismantled instead of improved, created the middle class as surely as any industrial revolution, and those with money and power rightly fear the upwardly mobile; they'd rather see the middle class slide down the chute and vanish into darkness and poverty. Keeping them uneducated is a dandy way to do that. I object, but who am I to object? Oh, yeah: a social free enterprisist. Maybe some day there will actually be such a thing. 

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