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What is the most important thing you have learned from experience?

People who are angry or frustrated are often just afraid. 

This world, this society is reality, every is real and true, we must be very truth to follow whatever it mean and takes. Be serious. 

That we are always at the beginning-and the minute a so-called "broker" asks for money up front, thank them for their time and interest and head for the nearest exit.

And, anyone who thinks everything you do is amzazing is either lying to you, or serisouly in need of therapy.

the most important thing you have learned from experience is This being true to self and Respecting others and there Feelings 

There's a sucker born every minute.
And most of them play FPS games.

Too many to count. 

Nurses tend to be the caretakers of humanity. We would like to see everyone happy, healthy, and wise. We like things to be in order. We dislike chaos. We want the world to be at peace as well as families, peoples and countries. We like "normalcy" and balance. In my career in nursing, I have learned that we can't fix everything. We can try. We can try really hard, but despite our valiant efforts, some things are beyond our scope of influence. 

The one most important thing i learned is that PEOPLE are our greatest resource. in all times & circumstances we should make our best effort to love everyone. get involved in their lives, If their open - try to help them, If their offering - receive from them. We can do No greater act than that. 

...that you can never have enough. 


I haven't learnt anything, I continue to learn and one day someone will call me learned. 

never give in 

Follow your heart and just do the right thing. 

You never stop learning, so allway maked everything is great. 

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