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What is your professional position? What responsibility do you have in your work?

I did my B Tech in Chemical Engineering from IIT Delhi and passed out in 1993. I did my PGDM from IIM Bangalore and passed out in 1995. I did my summer training of PGDM in SBI Mutual Fund and liked the work and took up a job there in 1995 subsequent to the completion of the course. I worked in SBI for over 10 years and worked in JM Financial Mutual Fund during 2007 and 2008. I am currently heading PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT SERVICES at PRABHUDAS LILLADHER group. The responsibility involves managing client portfolios by investing in listed Indian equities. 

I am a Senior Loan Officer and Branch Manager serving the Virginia and North Carolina mortgage banking industry. We provide best in class mortgage services, from loan origination to loan funding with an extraordinary track record of on-time delivery. We currently process, underwrite, close and fund loans, in house, in our Virginia Beach-Norfolk - Union Mortgage Group locations.

FHA and VA Government Loan Specialist Originate residential mortgage loans for all segments of the industry, including USDA, VHDA and Construction to Perm.
Extensive experience in individual marketing, social media, advertising and contact management campaigns.

I am the Owner, Founder, and President of the Independent Financial Solutions Group in Morehead City, North Carolina. My responsibility can be summed up by my firm's slogan-Solutions to Guide Your Journey Through Life. I work with people and businesses to reach their financial goals. These goals include retirement, college savings, wealth management, group plans, buy-sell agreements, key person insurance, and much more. 

Scientist, economist, researcher Chief Scientist and CEO. 

I am the owner of a real estate company in Scottsdale, AZ. Real Estate is the largest financial investment we make in our life time. 

With my personalized financial coaching, I help families save money, get out of debt, and become financially free within 36 months.


I am CEO of Saffron Building Society, responsible for looking after a billion pounds of other people money 

I am the CEO of the company and I also am fully hands on all the new products we develop and bring to financial markets traders. 

I help young families and professionals protect their lifestyle using insurance. I am a Canadian Certified Financial Planner and use the big picture to help individuals create a financial plan. 

From 2008 to 2014 I worked as Chief Financial Officer for Australia's largest national community services organisation, Mission Australia. Headline responsibility there would be playing my part in making sure we make effective use of financial resources so as to see lives transformed ... in line with our founding purpose to meet human need and spread knowledge of God's love. My responsibilities are to many stakeholders, to the individuals and organisations that fund the work, to our clients (who include some of the most vulnerable people in society) and to my colleagues and fellow employees. Mission Australia is all about people, and seeking to see lives changed is what its all about. 

My professional position is an investor which includes, managing, buying and selling among my holdings of stocks in publically traded companies. 

I am a day trader for myself and a core member of Chart Trading Pros. Not only do I trade but we teach other to trade and we are building an online community of 'like minded traders' 

Life, healthcare and financial advisor.
Educate clients on the choices of savings/investments available, to satisfy their family needs.
Help clients protect their assets.


I am a private trader and also a market analyst providing strictly independent research. I am free to express my opinions exactly as I see things, as I am the boss of my operations and not answerable to anybody. I record a very detailed daily video covering many global markets in FX, Commodities, Precious Metals, Stock Indices and Bonds. I am also open to special requests from my clients to follow up on specific market situations for them. 

I am president of JJJ Investing Services and have written my own investing book called I guarantee you will buy low sell high and make money which shows a very easy way to invest profitably for the rest of your life. I also publish a monthly investing newsletter showing the best stocks, LEAP, ETFs and closed-end funds to invest in. Anyone buying my book it's a free one-year newsletter subscription 

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