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What do you consider the most important projects or businesses you have been involved in.

Dawn Watch organizer, stopping the export of radioactive waste to an impoverished, rural community.

General assignment reporter for a community weekly.

Correspondent for Indian Country Today.

My current business, South Lake Promotions, Inc.

My job in the bank gave me a chance to study in SBR college for my Masters degree in Political Science, through the morning classes, that is , from 7.30 AM to 10 AM. My office time was from 10.30.I wanted to work as a teacher in a college, after post graduation. But, I did not get a chance and I had to continue in the Bank.In due course, I got a transfer to Kerala, my home state.Gradually I got promotions and became a Chief Manager eight years before my retirement, in 1999.

The most important time that I had in my career was when I was working as Manager, Personal Banking Division in the Ernakulam branch , during the period 1979 to 1982.The job involved canvassing deposits, getting clients for personal lopans, customer care, managing a division having a staff complement of over 15 people, meeting targets and so on. In addition, the bank's recruitment exams were being conducted at that centre.The branch was making all arrangements for the exam, in which 1500 or more candidates attended. The test was on Sundays but required very elaborate arrangements, like venues, roll numbers on seats, supervisors, invigilators, mike system, stationery, cash payments to the people concerned etc.I was thrilled to take up this responsibility-two times a year because it gave me real sence of success. There were other periodical exams too related to banking- all on Sundays.
I remember one occasion, when I had to work on consecutive seven Sundays, in additon to my routine work on normal days.Even after ten years of my retirement, I still remember that period with a certain amount of pride and a feeling of achievement.

Well, I think writing my book, although it might not get me anywhere, is going to be good for me coming to terms with my life. So this is very IMPORTANT TO ME. 

I hosted a hair style show/auction....It was very successful. 

I have a lot in mind but, mainly doing researches about how things can affect people. 


I'm not finished yet,

I'll let you know

My stars for for life project in memory of my sister who died of cancer 

My most important and favorite photography job was for the local Everett compilation CD "The 41st Street All-stars" 

My most important projects have been ones involving other people. Like when Dierks Bentley first started singing, I was part of his "street team" and I would go to different events that he would have and I would help promote him and his music by talking about it, opening a website about it, posting about it, and even going so far as to make up little cards and hand them out at different events that I would go to. My latest project has been to help promote Josh Gates and Destination Truth, and especially his "fan ambassador," Amanda. 

As a Film Programmer at the Village Roadshow Corporation in Melbourne.

Obtaining my F.E. Corporal qualification at the Beersheeba Barracks in Wangaratta


I don't make a business project 

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