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What is your earliest memory?

Being 5 years old, going to kindergarten in the states. My parents were christian missionaries in Papua New Guinea until I was nearly 13 years old. I grew up in a remote jungle village, where the local nationals had never seen caucasians before, and for the most part were still living in crude stone age conditions, wearing grass skirts and loin cloths, for clothing. They hunted with bows and arrows, cut wood with stone axes, lived in huts, and walked everywhere barefoot.

My family went back to the states on "furlough" (a brief time away / break from the mission field) for the better part of a year. I was enrolled in a K5 kindergarten class at this time, and going to that kindergarten is my earliest memory.

I remember the school was owned by a church. My classroom was upstairs. I had an awesome fold out plastic gym mat (one side red, the other blue) that we used for nap time. One of my friends always smelled like cheesy puff breath, the playground was awesome. I had a crush on my teacher, Ms. War.

Transformers, The A-Team, G.I. Joe, and Batman were my favorite shows to watch on saturdays in our apartment, and my sister was obsessed with Mr. Rogers.

A popular legend about the first beckoning cat goes back to 17th century Japan. In a small village near the city of Edo, there was a poor temple. A kind priest took in a stray cat, and the cat brought good luck and prosperity to the temple when he beckoned a passing Samurai lord out of the rain. 

I am absolutely convinced that I remember being baptized. But that can't be right can it? I would have been a baby. 

My mother singing hymns to me as I went to sleep. 

I must of been 3 maybe 4 and I remember going out into my grandmothers garage and it was so dark but her cats were in there and I could see their eyes piercing the void. I'll never forget that 

Being in the crib and having another baby held up over me by way of introduction. When, as an adult, I told my mother about this memory, she denied it ever could have happened, as that would have been "unsanitary," but I trust my memory. 

wearing red wellingtons standing on a beach next to a lot of rock . ( Bude) 

My youngest brother being born and brought home. 

I was in an industrial school in Ireland and Santa Claus came to the school and I hated him I was 4 years old He wore a mask and i wet myself with the fright 

Sitting behind a teddy in my room after throwing a rock at a car. 

Taking all the food out of a cupboard, climbing in it, and saying it was my new home.

I was a normal child obviously.

Probably first riding my bike. My brother was teaching me and running along side of me and let go and I fell and scraped up my knee. 

Something in Spain, thinkin' and diggin' so far back starts feeling like a dream to me... and i don't like that lol. 


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