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What is your sport, and what level of commitment do you have to it?
golf. 9 handicap. just a small step away from glory... would love to find more information and maybe push golf forward in my area
How did you get started? Who introduced you to the sport?
my uncle Felix. he introduced me to a pro in Venezuela, and from there i was hooked.
Who was the sports idol that impressed you the most as a child? And who impresses you now?
Greg Norman. incredible persistence even in defeat. i would love to reach half his greatness. i will insure my children know about him.
Do you have a coach/trainer who guides and helps you? What is your relationship with that person like?
i have a neighbor that has help my slightly with my swing. most does come from pure feel. i have discovered that it is easier to play well when you have the clarity to concentrate.
How does your emotional state effect your physical performance?
Which gives more satisfaction: to surpass a rival, or to surpass yourself?

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ely sanchez canelon
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[esanchez88] ely sanchez canelon

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