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How and why did you begin to be creative?
Simply because I have been obsessively making things since I could walk & forage for materials...
Your mind is your work tool. How do you take care of it?
Search out beautiful things and surround myself with them Remember that I am part of nature Drink enormous amounts of tea Smile as much as possible
How do you avoid repeating yourself, or falling into formula? How do you stay fresh?
I avoid looking at other designers who work in the same medium as myself. It helps me to make sure that my designs are original.
Do you have a ritual like retiring to a lonely place from time to time to cleanse your mind?
Its my workshop, with Radio 4 and a packet of oatcakes.
What cultural sources do you draw from the most?
England through the ages
Who have your teachers been?
When you accept a job, how much value do you place on each of the following? Money, creative liberty, visibility, and to work with the best.
Money obviously pays the bills and buys more materials so its important. Creative liberty is enormously important for me. I live to design! Having said that even though I make lots of repeats of certain shoe and bag styles I still get a kick out of doing a job well!
Have you ever had a job that was so stimulating that you could not get your mind off of it?
Yes! It happens whenever I am working on a new style.... which is quite often. It keeps me up all night till I get it out of my head.
"To give birth to ideas." Is this only an expression, or are there really parallels between giving birth and creativity?
Absolutely agree with this one! Making treasures is just as addictive as having babies!
Does spirituality contribute to your creativity?
Well, I suppose if you are feeling centred and content in your soul it does seem to release alot of positive energy, so yes.
It is possible to fall in love with a bad idea simply because it is yours. How do you avoid this?
Be realistic! Work is fraught with failure, pick yourself up and think of it as a learning curve.
Must someone be the leader or boss in order for a creative team to function well?
Cant answer that as I work alone.
Declaration: With what person or business would you like to work?
If the Elves showed up it would help a great deal because I could take on more fairy shoe orders....
The armchair psychologist: Is creativity an act of rebellion for you?
No, its a neccessity.
Do you work well under pressure?
Yes, it spurs me on.
How is an idea sold?
Good images, good feelings, good design.
What do you feel when, after two or three years, you see an idea of yours again?
Good design never dates. It transcends silly little things like time.
Ideas can come simultaneously to different people in different places with no connection to one another. How do you explain this phenomenon?
Great minds think alike.
You are as good as your last idea. Wouldn't you like to have a more secure type of work?
Nope. Ideas are like stars, they keep on shining.

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The Fairy Shoemaker

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