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What is your specialty in the interactive world?
Web Design
Where can we see some of your work online?
www.wat-jonaslove.com www.jonasmagazine.com these were my first projects :) Online magazine website of the American Teen Age Band The Jonas Brothers
What kind of projects do you usually undertake?
Usually Entertainment Websites Like webs and blogs for musicians..etc and I kinda like to undertake the type of customers who would like me to come up with new colorful designs for their Blogs or Webs.
What was your first job in the field?
I can't say that I actually have a Job because I'm still a High School girl (don't underestimate me I'm as good as a Professional who finished studying computer design in collage or maybe more :D)
What is your professional background? What did you do before?
A girl who used to play in her dad's office computer in the age of 8. I had a email when I was eight but i forgot the email and the secret question so it got closed. and I had a teen magazine web when but its from the past now.but I still have the first issue cover that's the only thing i have left :( It remembers me of the old high school days :D http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3549/3338562192_61b62d3a2f_o.jpg I taught my self watched videos on youtube and bought programs with my dads money because my pocket money isnt enough to buy programs (family support) :D the web design ability runs in the family most of my cousins run merchandise shops and design websites and studied computer graphics but I still don't know how do I know how to make websites I just can!
With which technologies do you normally work?
HTML,XHTML,PHP,Javascript,Photoshop,Dreamweaver,Flash/ActionScript, JavaScript,Google Analytics... Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended and Macromedia5 homesite are my favorite :)
Lessons learnt on user interface design
-Simple Sites Can Be Colorful and good looking and not heavy on the same time. -Make your web easy to redesign and change colors the design of a daily blog or web is really important when people would open it everyday the design shouldn't be boring because some people would get bored of the web... -I'm still learning...but everything have been perfect until now no Problems! :D
Do you work by yourself, or in a team? how is that team?
I work Individually I don't have a web design team until now but I'm planing to make my own team.
In the current interactive world, what is the most relevant trend?
Social Multimedia Sites! like Myspace,Twitter,Facebook and Hi5... All the people who have internet would have an account in any social media site!
What would you do to terminate Internet spam once and for all?
I think Dani Kurani Is Right :p Give all of the spammers their own island and a lot of money, then they wouldn't waste their time spamming. and then the Problem would be solved.:D
Will bandwidth one day cease to be a limitation?
Yessss !

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Fara Maccurdy

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