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Do you have an online gallery where one can view your photos?
http://portfolios.models.com/-136571/ www.iqons.com/felix+dasilva www.felixdasilva.blogspot.com
For how long have you done photography? How did you begin?
10 years officially I don't know how I exactly started but in a way it has always been there.
What has been your education as a photographer?
Self taught.
Please list any exhibitions in which you have participated.
Canon Professionals Delhi Times
Please list any awards for your work.
I have not had any awards yet
What is your favourite type of photography?
I do fashion photography mostly
What do you try to express through your photography?
My photography is everything about me, around me, and everyone that I see and everything that impresses me and the things that I love. It is also all my moods, my cheerfulness, my sarcasm, my darkest moods. It is everything really.
How do you choose your subjects?
Most of the time after thinking, a concept comes to my mind and that's how everything gets started
What type of preparation do you do before undertaking the photo session?
Make sure that the equipment is all ready and that I get a good sleep or that I am rested mentally at least.
Do you normally photograph with a purpose already in mind, or do you let yourself go with the flow?
I usually have a concept in mind but the concept or the compositions are not set on stones so things can also chance within the shoot.
Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sigma, Olympus, Sony, Pentax...which do you place your bets on and why?
I photography with Canon and Hasselblad because I like and because I am used to
Describe your current equipment: cameras, lenses, computers, accessories...
There is too much to describe here.
What software and plug-ins do you use to retouch and manage your photos?
Adobe Photoshop CS4
What measures do you take to protect your work against Internet piracy?
I don't really have any experience with internet piracy
Are you a good salesperson of your work? In what should you improve?
I am a good salesperson in general. My work like my life is in a constant state of improvement.
Which past masters of photography do you most admire?
Helmut Newton Richard Avedon
Are technology and digital retouching reducing the gap between professionals and amateurs?
Not really
What is your team of habitual collaborators like?
I usually work with: Models Stylist Makeup Artists Hair Stylists Photography Assistants Runners Light Technicians Photoshop Specialists etc
With which other photographers do you normally team up with or do sessions with?
Although sometimes I work a few other photographers, most of the time I work alone.
Do you consider yourself more technical or more artistic?
Much more artistic than technical, no doubt
What have you learned about the art of framing and composition?
I think framing and composition is fundamental in telling what kind of photographer one is. It is fundamental.
How does one develop the instinct of knowing when to press the shutter release button?
I think the instinct is always there, it has always been there. One can definitely improve that with practice but it has to be there from start.
When should one use film, and when should one use digital?
I always use digital except if I am using a large format camera
Does photography have the recognition that it should have in contemporary art museums?
Not in the museums, no. But hopefully this will change. I recently went to the last Pre-Auction Cocktail party of Phillipe de Pury in London and was surprised to see more photography than paintings going under the hammer. This means a shift to the importance of photography within the art world.
Which websites for photographers do you frequently visit?
Don't visit much other photographers websites but I check a lot of the magazines and that's how I check most of what is going on in photography in the world today.
Is there any particular technique that you could share?
I can't really think of any. It is all so in the instinct rather than the technique. I think knowing how to deal with people is extremely important in the type of photography I do. Knowing your light is fundamental being sharp enough to know when to snap the right moment is crucial.

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