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What is your blog address? What subjects do you deal with?
My blog is called Gluten Free and Loving It! http://www.glutenfreeandlovingit.com The name comes from my feelings about gluten free life. What's not to love? I consider my blog is more of a lifestyle blog than a food blog, although I do include recipes. The main focus is on loving life and living it to the fullest, emphasizing positive thinking and creativity as keys to living well even with food restrictions.
What blogging system have you adopted and why?
I use Blogger because it is the most user friendly. I do however pay to register my own domain name rather than using a Bogger address.
How often do you post? Does regular posting of your blog require a lot of effort on your part?
I post a positive quote on my blog every day. Before I started the blog I was sending Thought for Today e-mails to friends and family members. It was suggested that I move those to my blog. I have people who follow my blog just for daily positive thoughts. I also do a larger blog post once a week, usually on Wednesday. I might also add in an extra brief blog post, recipe or web-link type of post here and there. I do work ahead and schedule my blog entries to post automatically which relieves the pressure to come up with new ideas every day. When a good idea comes to me I go ahead and write and worry about working it into the schedule later.
How would you define your readers? Have you got a faithful audience?
When I started Gluten Free and Loving It! I assumed my readers would be individuals with celiac disease or gluten intolerance and their family members. I have ended up with a much more diverse group including readers who come for the daily positive quotes, stay at home moms, fellow artists and craftspeople, home cooks who are not necessarily gluten free and those looking for a blog written from the perspective of someone with a positive outlook on life with food restrictions.
Have you ever received gifts for blogging about your opinion of products or services? What do you think of bloggers who do that?
No I have not. I have mixed feelings about doing that. Any product reviews I do are always my honest opinions, even if I do not like the product or service. When I write a review of a product or service I have either paid for it with my own money or it was a prize in an online drawing with no expectations or requirements to blog about it. It seems that some bloggers may feel the need to express their grattitude for the freebies by posting an over the top positive review.
What advice would you give to someone who wishes to begin a blog?
Before you begin blogging commit to posting regularly (you have to decide what that means for you) and staying with it for the "long haul." After awhile the newness and the fun of having a blog wears off and it can become more like work. I find so many blogs that were started with nothing but good intentions only to end up abandoned with no new posts for six months or longer. You also have to realize that starting a blog and becoming instantly rich and famous is the exception rather than the rule. Writing, maintaining and promoting a blog can be hard work and there is much to learn.

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Rogene Robbins
Omaha, Nebraska USA

[glutenfreeandlovingit] Rogene Robbins
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