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How did you begin acting?

At what stage in your career did you realise that acting could be something you do professionally?

Please list an Internet address where one can see something about you.

Please list the most important or defining jobs of your career.

Please list any famous performances that have helped you in reference to your evolution in acting.

Please list three actors and three actresses that you like.

What type of psychological, physical, and emotional preparation do you do before a performance?

What is your criteria in determining which projects you select?

What type of communication do you normally establish with directors?

What is the archetypal character in which you tend to be typecast?

Has there been a role that has been especially difficult for you?

Do you see yourself working in this field in twenty years?

What do you do to kill time during waiting periods at casting calls?

Are you continuing to educate yourself through acting classes, seminars, or other courses? Do you combine this with your normal job?

Is there any fetish role you haven't interpreted yet, but that you have in your head to do one day?

According to your experience, please describe the best and worst of each medium: cinema, theatre, television.

Is there any scene or role that you would never interpret due to personal morals, principles, or taboos?

Could you say that your tools as an actor pertain to a certain school or concrete method?

Which director would you like to read this interview? What type of role would you like for him/her to offer you?

Have you ever thought of giving up on the profession? If yes, when and why?

One personal reason why to keep doing this work

How do you feel when people recognise you on the street?

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in acting?


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