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What is your specialization in architecture?

Is there a web page or blog where one could see something of your work?

What is it for you a good architectural design?

What era of architecture most fascinates you?

List the name of a famous building which you don't care for.

What hardware and software do you use that you deem as indispensable?

In which city do you live or work and why?

Do you work with other architects? How is the team set up?
Please include a web address, if applicable.

What do you think of competitions? What types of competitions do you normally compete in?

Mantaining the signature of a building, how is the identity of the surroundings respected?

Which architects, past or present, do you admire?

In your professional philosophy, what comes first, function or form?

Do you view suburban sprawl as an ecological threat and a waste of resources? Do you advocate for more vertical and denser town planning?

What will the single-family home of 2050 be like?

For you, which new materials provoke the most interest?

Bioclimactic architecture, domotic systems...do you think we are approaching a profound revolution in architecture?

In the development of a project, do you feel closer to the client or to the public as a whole who will use the final product?

The pharahons built pyramids, and bankers skyscrapers: will architecture always be a symbol of power?

Imagine your ideal house. Where would it be? What would it be like?

Can one copy and still be original?

Where is the balance between deeply-rooted architecture and that which responds to its particular era?

Spectacular architecture: do you believe that buildings are becoming more and more media phenomena?

What motto would you like to see inscribed at the entrance of the university's department of architecture?

What would be your dream project at this moment?

Who is your favourite artist?

Which websites about architecture do you frequently visit?


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