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Is your personality that of an investor or a spender?

Do you love or hate to go to stores? Why?

Are you in the habit of returning home with what you went out to buy, or do you spend money on other things?

Do you like to accompany shoppers to help them decide what to buy? Do you like others to accompany you when you shop?

Do you use the internet to shop? Do you research on the internet first and then buy in stores or vice versa?

Do you pay by credit usually, occasionally, or never? What justifies that?

Are you in the habit of reading product labels? What type of information do you look for?

What brands do you think are up and coming?
i.e. cars, electronics, food, clothes, entertainment, hygiene, beauty, etc.

What brands do you think are on the way out?
i.e. cars, electronics, food, clothes, entertainment, hygiene, beauty, etc.

Which purchase criteria do you use: what you like, the top of the line, the relationship of quality-to-price, not paying for something you do not need...?

How is the financial crisis effecting your consumer habits?

Which is more important to you, to be up-to-date in technology, in culture, or in fashion?

Which do you appreciate more in a hotel room, a television or Internet access?

How do you purchase vacations, through a local travel agency, or on the Internet?

How long has it been since you last bought a music CD? Where do you get the music you listen to?

How often do you go to the movies? Do you rent or buy DVDs? Do you download movies from the Internet?

What do you do with clothes and gadgets you no longer need but are still in good condition?

Do you recycle? What kind of waste is recycled where you live?

Bottled or filtered water? Paper or plastic bags?

Do you use your area's public transportation? If you have a vehicle, what kind is it, and what do you use it for?

Do you give preference to local products over of imported?

When a product does not live up to its promises, do you make a complaint, or do you think that is just a waste of time?

Do you ever buy store brands? If so, what types of products, and which not?

What is your assessment of the low-cost brand phenomenon?

What percentage of your income do you consider appropriate to save for the future?

If you inherited the equivalent of 10 years worth of your annual income, what would you invest in?

How do you master the impulse buying? What do you tell yourself?

Do you see consumption as a social act? Is every purchase decision we make a vote?

What basic advice on money management would you/do you give your children?


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