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What do you currently have in your MP3 player?

What books are you currently reading?

Places in the world that you have visited recently.

What is that special film you never tire of watching?

What do you use: Mac or PC and why?

What is to come after consumist society?

Do you find the saturation of advertising in the media excessive?

Do you believe there is excessive sex and violence in the media?

What were your favourite subjects when you were in primary/secondary school?

Do you think video games, chat rooms, etc. have a dangerous addictive
effect on teenagers?

Has there been a personal-growth book that has transformed your life?

Have you ever bought works of art? What type of art? What compels you to purchase art?

Do you defend urban graffiti?

What magazines do you frequently read?

Piracy continues to grow: What will happen to the music and film
industries and culture in general?

What sports do you play and how often?

How do you explain the rise in "fame" culture?

What do you have in your wallet right now?

How do you kill time?

In which city do you live? What are your favourite and least favourite things about it?

A YouTube video about something that was significant to your life.
url please

Where have you thought of going for your next holiday?


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