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What is your specialty? What applied knowledge and methods do you use in your work?

Can you provide a link to a site where we can get to know more about you or a project you are working on?

How would you describe your professional strengths and weaknesses?

What did you play with as a child? Does your profession have anything to do with your childhood toys?

What role does creativity play in your work? Do you have leeway to develop innovative ideas?

What type of technology do you use to develop your work?

Do you think you are up to date in your sector? How do you keep up to date?

Which is more important: meticulousness so as not to make mistakes or imagination to find innovative solutions?

What do you do about that stupid "bug" you’ve been trying to work out for five hours with no progress?

Which do you prefer: to deal with technical problems or problems with clients?

Do you need to be in good physical shape to do your work?

Which university subject required the most from you in order to pass?

Ingenuity is lost if it is not cared for. How is ingenuity cultivated

Will you be one of the first to reserve a seat once space travel comes on the market?

What is your concept of elegance in solutions?

Do you have a group of friends or colleagues that you share technological matters with?

What kind of job would you like to get via telephone today?

Aside from know-how, what qualities should an engineer have in order to be a successful professional?

When evaluating an employee or collaborator, what importance do you give to courses and certifications?

Are you are satisfied with your current challenges? Would you like to deal with more difficult problems? If so, what kind?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

What advice do you give those who want to work in your field?


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