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What is the business idea that you are working on right now? How did you come up with it?

Is there a website, blog or social media link where we can see more about your project and/or yourself?

What is your professional background? What were you doing before?

How did the entrepreneurial spirit rise up in you? Were you exposed to entrepreneurship in your family or your social environment when you were a child?

Do you have partners working with you on this? How do you split the work with them?

Describe your business plan as briefly and simply as possible.

What have you achieved up to now? What have you yet to achieve?

Are you looking for investors? What are you offering in exchange for what?

Do you have employees or people that you outsource tasks to? What do they do?

Entrepreneurs have a reputation as "control freaks." How do you avoid that?

How do you balance work with relaxation?

What is your main motivation: being your own boss, adventure and discovery, getting rich, doing good for others, or is there something else?

What do you think of big corporations? Would you work for one?

Describe two moments of maximum fear and maximum satisfaction that you have lived through in your business adventure.

When you need guidance or advice, where do you find it?

Up to what point is luck is important? How do you attract it?

What do you do to maintain morale and continue persevering in low times?

Which well known entrepreneurs/enterprises do you admire? Why?

What other types of businesses are you frequently tempted by?

Are these times of crisis good for beginning a business?

How important have PR and social media been for you?

What would you call success? Where would you like your business to be five years from now?

What skills would you advise a want-to-be-entrepreneur to acquire?


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