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What is your professional position? What responsibility do you have in your work?

Which has your career path been like? How would you summarize your experience in the financial arena?

Is there a link to a website or social network site where we can see something more about you or your business?

How do you develop an investment strategy? What factors must one keep in mind for this?

What is that your clients value most about your services?

How do you determine the amount of risk a client is really willing to take?

Is it important to include a personal aspect to the relationship with a client?

How do you negotiate your compensation?

What are the most frequent errors that people make when investing?

There are people that prefer to invest in things that can be touched, like houses, art, gold, etc. Is this a bad idea?

What percentage of income should a 30 year old professional invest for the future?

If a friend invites me to invest in his/her business, what precautions should I take?

How is personal economics taught? At what age should children learn to handle their own budgets?

How secure are banks and government guarantees on deposits?

Are there any well-known millionaires that you admire for the way they have made their fortunes?

Where do you seek counsel and information when working on something bordering on illegality?

Which are the most trustworthy and objective market information sources that you rely on?

What is your Privacy Policy?

How do you see your future in the long term? Where is your career headed?

Do you have a handy saying or a relevant expression on the subject of money?


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