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What is your specialty? How do you help people find harmony?

Can you provide a link to a web site or blog where we can learn more about you?

What were the circumstances that led you to choose the professional path you have chosen?

What is happiness, and the main obstacle to reaching it?

Do we think too much? Why is it so difficult to feel here and now?

How do you deal with discouragement, despair, a sense of setback, etc.?

Are meditation and prayer cultural variants of the same thing?

Is faith necessary for spirituality to work?

Is it necessary to have a teacher to find the way?

Is it necessary to have a purpose to find meaning in life?

Is it wise to believe in things that do not exist if it helps you to be happy?

How do you distinguish between spirituality and religion?

Is God an idea? Is God in the brain?

What is your concept of free will Vs destiny, fate, karma?

Give us a simple proof for the existence of the soul.

What happens when you die?

What is in a temple that isn't anywhere else?

Do you believe in the law of attraction: that we attract what we think about?

How does one maintain body-mind harmony?

Do creativity and positive thinking slow aging?

Is there a false face to positive thinking; an obsession about appearing happy that is not healthy?

What is your short list of healthy habits?

In what ways has your spiritual practice affected your creativity?


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