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What is your specialty? What does your work consist of?

Can you provide a link to a site where we can get to know more about you or the activity you carry out?

What types of clients do you have? Why do they come to you and what can you offer them?

What is your definition of health, and of a healthy life?

What are some basic rules for those who want to live to be 100.

Happiness and health: how much do they have in common, and how much myth is there in their relationship?

Conventional medicine and alternative medicine: what is real and what is superstition?

Can the mind cause or cure illness? What evidence do you have on the matter?

Do you recommend Vitamins and nutritional supplements? Do you believe their benefits have been proven?

Every day there is a new product to stop aging. Is it solace that we are really buying?

Obesity, insomnia, and depression, are epidemic. What does that say about our way of life? What must be changed at the social level?

What is your opinion on the use of medical marijuana for terminal illnesses.

The patient/doctor relationship is part of the success of treatment. What should it be like?

Is it reasonable to treat a patient whose condition is hopeless, only for medical experimentation?

How do patient beliefs or superstitions effect recovery?

What is the best way to give bad news to a patient?

Is the best preventive medicine teaching someone how to live?

What are the most frequent errors of slimming diets.

Are too many unnecessary tests and x-rays performed in hospitals?

What new technologies have the most potential to save lives in the near future?

If someone consults you, what is your recommendation regarding cosmetic surgery and implants?

What is your opinion on the regulation of health care practice.

How do you asses the potential or the risks of genetic engineering on nutrition and human health?

Do you believe legalizing the use of narcotics would increase or lessen the damage caused to public health?

Of the thousands of beauty products on the market, what percentage has a significant effect?

How many times have you guessed what was wrong with a patient only by looking at his/her face?

What areas of health or of medicine are you most interested in devoting yourself to in the next few years?

Would you change your profession for any another?


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