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Did God create the world in seven days, or do you believe in the theory of evolution?

To what percentage do you believe in statistics?

Do you believe many illnesses can be caused by the mind?

Do you believe it is true that humans only use 10% of their brain capacity?

Using the subway without paying, shoplifting: is there excessive tolerance to these small offenses?

What do you think of the squatter "movement"?

Does brand name influence your buying habits?

Do you think tipping is a good custom?

Are there too many holidays in the work calendar?

Do you think the catastrophism about climate change has been exaggerated?

Do you boycott brands if you learn they employ children in third-world countries or harm the environment?

Do you defend animal experimentation for the development of medicine that can save human lives?

What is your opinion of the rise in popularity of plastic surgery and implants?

Should more limits be established for cars within downtown areas?

Do extraterrestrials exist?


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