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What is your specialty in the interactive world?

Where can we see some of your work online?

What kind of projects do you usually undertake?

What was your first job in the field?

What is your professional background? What did you do before?

With which technologies do you normally work?

Lessons learnt on user interface design

Do you work by yourself, or in a team? how is that team?

What is the secret to keeping customer expectations under control in interactive development?

What was your first computer, and which is your current?

Online virality: isn't it the same as traditional word-of-mouth?

Do you think the digital gap is a social problem? What would you do to accelerate digital literacy?

What were you doing in March 2000, at the height of the "dotcom bubble"?

In the current interactive world, what is the most relevant trend?

What do you see interesting about the Web 2.0 phenomenon?

What would you do to terminate Internet spam once and for all?

Will bandwidth one day cease to be a limitation?

Your tips to make money online


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